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Marsha, you write a lot about ‘The View’ a lot. Isn’t that on
during the day time? Hey, I work for a living. I hear about
‘The View’ by way of David Letterman’s wisecracks during his
monologue (I used to watch ‘Nightline’ but it has deteriorated
a great deal with celebrity stories and other fluffy stuff).
I only watch Letterman’s monologue then channel-surf (usually
some gruesome crime show or football crap). Many years ago,

I watched Letterman and got turned off by him because he would have some ditzy actress as a guest and he would mercilessly make fun of her. I would think, “Okay, she doesn’t know much about anything. Why have her on as a guest just to be cruel?” It seems like Letterman has become a nicer guy.

Let’s have a discussion of “entertainment” or “infotainment”
TV? I don’t watch much. Usually watch PBS. Don’t get cable so I miss Stewart and Colbert…Did watch ‘Law and Order’ but I can’t get that channel very well now.

I do blame Oprah and Jay Leno for helping to elect Ahhhnold
the Terminator as governor of California (who started out
saying super free market economist Milton Friedman was his
hero and now has morphed into a sort-of Clintonian Democrat..
the only way he could have survived probably).

I watch Charlie Rose’s interview show on PBS if he has a
guest I am interested in. His attitudes are so Beltway and
conventional that it is annoying. But he did have Noam Chomsky on for an hour once and he was very respectful…actually asked intelligent questions…and let Noam speak.

Rose’s program competes in Denver with Amy Goodman’s “Democracy Now” on the other public TV station (which is
more leftwing and hippie). I end up watching her more often
but sometimes it can be boring because I know all of the
stuff…if Charlie Rose has a novelist or film maker on who
I am interested in, I watch his show.

How many of you around the country can get Amy Goodman’s show on TV and/or radio? She is great…



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