Modern Man: homo destructus vs. homo pacificus

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I envision the history of this world being written from some time in the future. The period of 300 years, from the industrial revolution in Europe to the present, will be, I am sure, recorded as the most destructive and insane time on this Earth, perhaps only outdone by the legendary destruction of Atlantis, which we really know nothing about.

It is said that 16,500 years ago there was a great war on Earth which destroyed civilizations [perhaps Atlantis, perhaps Mu, or both] that only exist in legend now, and for which we have no real evidence. Objects keep appearing in the earth that we interpret to be very old technology: the Dropa stones, the Baghdad battery, what appear to be electric lights in ancient Egypt. Supposedly King Tut was buried with a piece of steel over his heart, although we don’t usually think of the Egyptians as having that technology. The Temple at Baalbek, the Pyramids, Machu Picchu … we still don’t know how these things were made, even though modern archeologists and engineers attempt to explain them.

The truth is, this Earth is a mystery to us. We don’t know our own history beyond perhaps 5000 BC, and that primarily from Sumerian writings which describe an Earth visited by beings from off planet or from other dimensions [gods]. Everything else is guesswork recorded in bits and pieces of memory in the Bible, many of whose events are not datable, and in early Indian writings, where flying ships, the vima, are depicted. What technology produced them? What fueled them? Were they real? We don’t know.

I’ve also heard it said that in that war of 16,500 years ago a true knowledge of how the universe works was lost, and that our physics of today is wrong, incorrect, and incomplete. While many scientists would be angered by that statement because in their intellectual hubris they believe that they understand all there is to know here, in truth they only understand what our cultures has been able to put together. If there are supposed to be 28 letters in our alphabet, but we have only been able to find 26 … who knows what could be written with a complete alphabet? Who knows what our physics of today would look like if some partial knowledge became complete knowledge, perhaps containing a concept such as all matter is alive, or that everything manifest contains consciousness, or that to manipulate matter in disregard of consciousness violates a basic universal law that produces disastrous results.

I’m only guessing here. These suppositions derive from my own awareness of myself and the Earth, both of which I believe to be alive and conscious beings. Many of our older tribal peoples held similar beliefs. They were pushed aside when the domination of the left brain took charge of this planet, the side of the brain that analyses and takes things apart. The right side of the brain, the creative and intuitive, was also pushed aside by the advance of homo destructus, the tinkerer and destroyer, whose primary characteristic is the ability to perform destructive actions while thinking up reasons that make it OK in their own minds.

Our physics has given us processes which have produced a toxic planet, in our ignorance thinking that the Earth would take care of our poisons for us and that we did not have to clean them up ourselves. Native Americans told homo destructus all along that you can’t treat the Earth this way, but destructus wouldn’t listen. Whatever reasons the Natives had, respect for the Earth, gratitude to the Earth for making us and giving us all the things we need to survive and prosper, were not sufficient for homo destructus, because obviously the Natives were backward, with no industry or technological knowledge.

We live in a very unenlightened age, although it displays technical gadgets of all kinds, most specifically horrific weapons of destruction … nuclear bombs, battlefield nukes, DU projectiles, HAARP and scalar weapons, laser weapons, microwave weapons, chemical and biological weapons. Homo destructus has apparently figured out more ways to kill than to grow good food, more ways to destroy than to create, more ways to violate natural laws than to work within them.

Why this should be, is a mystery to me. All I can figure is that the imbalance in the mind has led us here. Now the freight train of modern tinkering leads in ever more destructive directions, with no significant attempts to stop this train, or maybe turn it.

Perhaps it can’t be turned because our physics is wrong. I’m of a mind to believe that our physics truly IS wrong. If it were right, would the results of everything we have done be so bad for the Earth? If we really understood how things worked, wouldn’t we get it right more times than we get it wrong? It seems to me that most of modern man’s intellectual product has been negative … industrial poisons, products that poison and pollute, poisoned air, water, and soil, these massive weapons with the capability to poison and destroy most of the Earth. Modern life, full of gadgets and technological toys, has become extremely unhealthy, with our modern American population on the whole being far less physically healthy than even our grandmother’s generation. What happened?

Our modern life reads like free will gone amuck. At every step we can choose a different path, but we don’t, even though our path is destructive. Modern life is like drugs: we know they will fry our brain but we do it anyhow, producing ever more diseased and insane people, which we put in charge, to lead us onward to destruction.

The enormous political and economic forces that can be arrayed against a good person who might want to hold public office are really wondrous to behold. Homo destructus is in charge. Homo pacificus, which allies itself with life and health, gets beaten down to the floorboards. I’ve never been able to figure out why destructus hates pacificus so much. What pacificus wants is to clean up the Earth, make it better for all the animals and people to live here. Actually, destructus would benefit from pacificus’s actions, but destructus sweeps pacificus aside as if pacificus is the enemy, thus cutting off his own nose in the process.

Where destructus will live after the whole planet is conquered and poisoned by nuclear radiation or is merely left to wallow in industrial poisons, I have no idea. I don’t know if destructus has some secret plan to buy Paraguay and live there, or maybe try to build rocket ships and get to the moon. Destructus doesn’t understand that Paraguay will not be a safe place either, because wind and water flows around a sphere, which is what the Earth is, and the moon is so limited in things like air, food, and water, that he will be totally dependent upon destructus-built machinery. However, we all know that destructus machinery, with its incorrect physics, always breaks down. Then what?

RIP Homo destructus. A brief but violent career. Thank god it’s over.

Pacificus, clear-headed individuals whose minds are in better balance, are made powerless or killed. So many people trying to divert this freight train from its path have been killed in the past two decades, people who tried to tell the truth, tried to let us know what was going on behind the scenes, or tried to actually change things.

If Earth is a school and mankind has been put here to learn, we have failed. If all we’ve done is learn how to destroy, we’ve learned nothing. Destroying is easy, always has been the easiest of things.

The “easiness” of modern life is a symptom of how far we have gone wrong. Our lives are easy, with all our modern mass-produced and mass-distributed industrial goods and conveniences which poison the Earth in the process of being made. We’ve lost touch with something basic in ourselves, something that requires efforting, exercising, in order to keep healthy. Our bodies were built for motion, but we sit all day and all evening. We sit so much that it has become a chore to contemplate walking to the corner store. Instead, we drive, putting poisons in the air. We have become afraid of life, and perhaps rightfully so, because to walk is to breathe our toxic air. We contain ourselves and our minds in boxes … our houses, schools, workplaces, cars, television. Our bodies deteriorate from disuse, our health declines through this and our poisonous environments; we assign people to do studies to find out what is wrong and then argue with them that their results may not be pertinent. Thus we argue and delay and things fall apart.

This is the path of homo destructus. Not only has destructus confabulated the greatest and most destructive killing machinery ever known, our populace has been lead away from its heart and spirit, caught up in a twisted faerie glamour which casts brutality as love, bad as good, things as important, disease as happiness, war as peace, disrespect as cool, willfulness as right, and slavery as freedom.

Pacificus isn’t fooled. War is war and peace is peace. The best thing that could happen is that destructus will self-destruct and let the rest of the world get on with cleaning up the mess. Perhaps a new physics will be discovered if minds are not contained in boxes, but are allowed to fly free. Perhaps there is hope, if pacificus can just stay alive long enough. And may it be so!

Fran F.
(Fran is an artist, living a small life, trying to leave a small footprint on our earth.)

5 comments on “Modern Man: homo destructus vs. homo pacificus
  1. Fran I am with you in most of your highly original analysis but I disagree in the necessity to mention dates,

    “I’ve also heard it said that in that war of 16,500 years ago a true knowledge of how the universe works was lost, and that our physics of today is wrong…”

    which degrade your piece by confusing it with the charlatanism of fundamentalists. You yourself make the argument, if I’m reading you right, that we ought to be humble in our sense of acquired knowledge about reality and the universe. That kind of healthy scepticism hardly equates with an assertion such as giving credence to anyone who asserts that in a war sufficiently removed from immediate confirmation or denial, thereby “metaphysical”, in precisely “16,500 years ago,” this or that event took place.

    Otherwise a very inspiring article, and I thank you or it.

  2. Is it possible that testosterone equates to homo destructus and estrogen to homo pacificus? Think about the traits of aggression v. nurturing, the hunter v. the gatherer, protecting the nest v. adventure and conquest.

  3. In reply to Steve … I’m not so sure it’s that clear cut. Truly, I believe a testosterone sickness exists for men, as PMS exists for women. During testosterone sickness, the whole world can suffer the rampages of the male. During PMS, those around her can suffer the moods of the female, but at least the female doesn’t nuke things during her 7-day period cycle with the Moon! Testosterone sickness can be chronic and on-going, and whole male societies, such as the military, are built on it.

    But, as I said, I don’t think it’s that clear cut. Females of all species can be extremely aggressive and ferocious in protecting their young (you don’t EVER want to cross a mama bear), while human men, and the males of many species, can also be very nurturing. Among humans, gardeners, orchard keepers, and farmers have traditionally been men.

    So I think the split comes from somewhere else, and I think it has more to do with brain balance. Since at least the Romans, who built in straight lines instead of the curvilinear lines seen in older societies such as the Celtic, Native American, etc., the shift has been to the rational side of the brain, and away from the intuitive, or even the balanced brain. We, modern westerners, are almost totally Roman in our approach to the world.

    Did you know that the Islamic cultures, which were the most advanced in the sciences, astronomy, and mathematics, in the western world before the rise of the Europeans, did not measure time? They had no clocks. It took the Europeans to capture and constrain time, making it more controlled, more linear. This was a product of the rational mind.

    Straight lines represent short-term thinking. In nature, lines are only straight for short distances and only occur in some crystals and in some rocks, such as slate, and those lines are not very long. Over longer distances, everything curves … we live in a curved universe. The straight line, perfected by the Romans, particularly in military formations and deployment, is a symbol for the short term thinking which characterizes our modern world. Compounding the short-sightedness of straight-line thinking is that the rational mind is the servant of the ego, whose goal is to survive, even at the cost of splitting the self off from the self. By so doing, the heart and brain are disconnected, and the imbalance is made worse. You don’t even need testosterone as a motivator if the rational mind is disconnected completely from the heart. You get psychopaths.

  4. Thank you FRAN F, for your enlightening view point re homo destructus.
    I am (fast aging) from the 1960’s hippie generation and came to similar views as you have in your post above. It has been a somewhat roller coaster ride since then and I have reached my conclusions through mostly non intoxicated musings and they are, that blame, if that is appropriate, for the mess has to be pointed at the madness of the exploring, or should that be exploitation, of the then ruling classes of the (mostly) white Europeans who used the guise of religion to wreak havoc on the rest of the world and in particular the Americas.
    It has always been my (adult) view that what we now call the U.S.A as being as close to, in biblical terms, the Garden of Eden and that the then native tribal people were living as close to what we could now term as “paradise”. I do not intend to espouse any more than I need to and am assuming that the reader can make his/her own conclusions from my post. Suffice to say that I only hope is that there may be still some time left and that homo destructus can be halted from stealing the future from countless generations of mine and your own grandchildren and then their grand children ad infinitum and believe that with the help of the latest and in my view greatest of tools at our disposal, namely the search engine that brought me here – GOOGLE – and their fantastic tool – GOOGLE EARTH – with which almost anyone in the world has access to and can watch the destruction of our most valuable assets, because we ALL have a right to stop the madness of homo destructus.
    It should be noted that I am Scottish and a descendent of the said white Europeans.

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