What happened on 9/10?

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Rumsfeld and Cheney (seen in 1975 with Pres. Ford) have been part of the “permanent government” for a long time. Their criminal and disgraceful imprint on the American republic and the world will be a hard record to match.

On the 10th of September, 2001, the day before 9-11, The U.S. government calmly annouced that it had stolen $23,000 from every US Household.

One has to wonder if 9-11 was scheduled to cover up the news on 9-10, when Rumsfield cooly announced that the Pentagon had somehow lost 2.3 trillion dollars. Rummy didn’t address how that could happen, nor why, nor who might be responsible. He accented the word ‘trillion’ as if he were proud of it.

$2.3 trillion is about $23,000 per US household. This means that the bunch living and working in the Pentagon, with a little help from people in the field, had already pocketed this much of your household income before their little robbery was discovered (Rummy didn’t say by whom) and revealed on 9-10. The Secretary of Defense just tossed out this devastating news as a new ‘fact’ which puzzled him. There was no talk of anything being done about it, and as far as I know, nothing has been done.

So, then came 9-11 the next day, and the new of the biggest robbery in history was buried, to be forgotten forever by our amnesiac media.

Then, the same thieves who’d just pulled the first heist of your wealth now began their second one. Powell showed his vial of white powder on TV, and the second Pentagon sting-the-citizen-for-plenty operation began. Since the day Powell told his lies, the Iraq slaughter has officially cost the US around a trillion dollars. With interest, that’s at least $25,000 from each US household, including yours.

You could have used that 23,000 dollars for something or other, if it hadn’t been stolen from you. Aren’t you angry?

Doesn’t this bother you? And the new Pentagon heist.. another $25,000, an even larger raid on your bank account, doesn’t it just irk you a bit? So far the Pentagon has dug down almost fifty thousand dollars into your pockets since the 10th of September six years ago. Don’t you mind?

The bad news isn’t over. Since not all households pay taxes, those who do have to pay more than the average. So scratch the figures above, adjust them upward to deal with all the people who receive welfare and those (rather numerous) among the wealthy who pay no taxes at all. Someone (i.e. you) will have to pay their share, as well as your own.

Shayne Nelson is Cyrano’s Paris correspondent.


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