Stopping It Should Be Fast and Easy

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BY SHAYNE NELSON, CJO’s Paris Dispatch Chief

File it, dear readers, under the ‘We almost told you so!” as the occasion apparently presented itself during the recent UN sessions when a hearty group of protesters attempted to conduct a citizens’s arrest of this international criminal…

“George W. Bush, you are under citizen’s arrest! You have the right to remain silent. If you give up that right, anything you say can and will be used against you in an international court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford one, the International Court of Justice will appoint an attorney for you. Do you understand these rights?”

Well, it didn’t happen that day, but it wasn’t because of lack of legality.

Those thirty million people who voted Democrat thinking it was going to stop the Iraq slaughter were naive.

Ms. Pelosi, the new Democratic Party majorityleader, stated even before taking power, that impeachment of Bush was ‘off the table.’ The Dems are as afraid of Bush and Cheney as are the people in the Republican party. Impeachment, theoretically the logical way to get a president out of the White House, is no longer available thanks to Pelosi’s (and the Democrats) complicity or fears. So what? There are plenty of ways to skin a cat. [Note: A brave resolution to impeach Bush & Co introduced–at last!–by Dennis Kucinich was promptly denounced and abandoned by fellow Democrats yesterday, 11.6.07–Eds.]

It strikes me that the real problem is the police. They’re not doing their jobs, and that’s why the country is in so much trouble. There’s a fast and easy and logical way to stop the Iraq slaughter. Impeachment is not needed. Just arrest Bush and Cheney. They’re both guilty of Federal crimes, for starters, and the only reason the Iraq slaughter continues is that the police who are supposed to step in and arrest wrongdoers in Washington simply aren’t doing what they are paid to do.

Crimes? Of course. Both Bush and Cheney misinformed the Senate and the US public about WMDs in Iraq. That’s a felony, yet no-one has issued a warrant nor slapped cuffs on these two obvious criminals. Besides, that’s just for starters.

What is more pressing than:

    stopping the expansion of conflict in the middle east by halting the planned military strike on Iran and possibly the detonation of World War 3?

    stopping the consolidation of power by the President through use of signing statements and other means thereby restoring the balance of power and protecting the people, our nation and the world from great harm being done to them by a rogue President?

    ending kidnapping, extraordinary rendition and torture which makes our country a hypocrite in the eyes of the world and a favorite target?

    stopping the privatization of government wherein a private mercenaries can be used to engage in conflict with complete immunity where no support exists among the eletorate?

    stopping the pillage the US Treasury through no-bid contracts by administration cronies?

The list above is a short list. And it dwarfs perhaps in magnitude those other pesky unconstitutional “peccadilloes” we have heard so much and done nothing about… Like…Bush has been and still is eavesdropping on US citizens without warrant and without due cause. That, too, is a felony. Even when evidence of this lawbreaking came to light, Bush simply smiled and said that he had the right to do it, because of the war situation, Ho, ho, ho. Dear G.W. Bush, that conclusion is not yours to draw. That is precisely what has to be determined by the judge and jury at the trial of the person accused of breaking the law. Until that trial has taken place, no-one can assert that being ‘at war’ makes that illegal activity legal… certainly not the perpetrator!

So, shades of Nixon, the man in the White House is doubly a felon… and continues his crimes daily, yet no-one in the Justice Department makes a move. It’s a classic Washington story… people simply not doing their jobs despite their fine salaries and unmatchable perks. The cops remain asleep in a cruiser parked under a bridge while a couple of second-story men make away with the security of the country… not to speak of millions in kickbacks.

With the police paralyzed, or terrified, and in any case inoperative, what can be done? Come, think hard, this is America. Have you all forgotten about the right of citizen arrest? When the police fail to do their job and refuse to arrest the bad guys, any citizen still has the right to step up and take their place.

Any journalist invited to the next White House press conference could become world-famous and do the nation and the world a huge service, simply by standing up during the conference and announcing, ‘Mr President, you are guilty of felonies on at least two counts, misinforming the American public and eavesdropping without warrants. For various reasons the law has not caught up with you until now. I command you to stand where you are and wait for the police to arrive and take you away. I am making a citizen’s arrest. As of this moment, stand informed that you are under arrest for crimes against the American people.’

Now you can’t say we didn’t tell you.

Shayne Nelson is our Paris Dispatch chief, operating out of Paris, of course.

3 comments on “Stopping It Should Be Fast and Easy
  1. There was an article on this site, I think on this blog, about Nader decrying the fact that almost all lawyers in the US were afraid of making waves or trying any remedy against the Bush mafia… they had “better things to do.” Naturally impeachment was not exactly what they were ready to get involved in, they had their profitable careers to worry about.

    It’s sad but as usual it is foreigners who show the path of rectitude and moral courage. Just watch how those lawyers in Pakistan demonstrate, fight, get beat, thrown in jail, and still fight on. What a lesson for these legal poltroons in the USA. These days I’m ashamed of being an American.

  2. These men deserve to hang. Where’s Nuremberberg when we need it? Their crimes well exceed some of those we hanged after WW2.

  3. Americans are gonad-less creatures, Mr. Nelson. When you observe the heroics of other people around the world, especially in the Middle East, it puts us all to shame. No one wants to risk ANYTHING in this damn country anymore. Total triumph of cynicicm and egoism.

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