CJtv: The Impeachment Dance

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[AIRED 11.07.07]

With this entry we inaugurate our webTv service, namely CJtv, by presenting a news clip produced by The Real News Network [ http://www.therealnews.com/web/index.php ], the dream come true for many progressives.

The brainchild of Canadian journalist and filmmaker Paul Jay, TRN aims to be a totally independent news source and offer the kind of fare the corporate media should have been offering all along but never have and never will. We strongly recommend TRN to all Cyrano readers. Sign up with the network for a daily email alert about new programs available. In 2008, TRN may amplify its offerings. We wish it all manner of success. (Note: The Real News Network should not be confused with a similarly named alternative news site called The Real News Project–http://www.realnews.org/–helmed by Russ Baker.)

In the near future, Cyrano’s Journal will commence its own regular deployment of web-borne tv programs, but with an emphasis on editorial and critical pieces. Stay tuned for more details about this exciting development.—The editors.

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