What is This “Iranian Provocation” BS?

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The fearsome Iranian navy. Not exactly a world-class navy yet, but anything that floats will come in handy to manufacture another “Gulf of Tonkin” incident.

The criminal indecency, abysmal ignorance, and sheer stupidity that characterize the American corporate media are almost guaranteeing a perpetuation of war in all latitudes, at least those in which our government has a major hand in detonating.

By Dave Lindorff

Not one news story about this week’s latest chapter in the administration’s
ongoing effort to gin up a crazy war with Iran–the so-called “provocation”
caused by Iranian naval speedboats approaching within 200 meters of a US
destroyer–mentioned that the US, which sits some 7500 miles away from Iran,
has sent a whole fully-armed armada into the Persian Gulf just off Iran’s

Or that the Vice President actually flew out to an aircraft carrier that was
part of that US armada, and threatened, from the flight deck, to have the US
massively attack Iran.

Just who is provoking whom where?

Imagine, for a moment, that Iran had sent its navy to patrol in the Gulf of
Mexico, in international waters just off of the coasts of Florida, Alabama,
Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas, and that its leader flew out to one of
those ships and threatened to take out America’s oil infrastructure.

How do you think the US government would react? How do you think the
American people would react?

Do you think the US would send naval vessels out to provokingly sail close
to Iranian ships? Do you think the US might do more than that and maybe sink
those ships? (Especially if at that very moment Iranian special forces were
operating inside the US, creating havoc and supporting subversive elements,
as US special forces are already doing in Iran.)

Well duh! Of course they would.

So what do we expect the Iranians to do in this situation? Just keep their
fleet moored in harbors and watch the US fleet sail up and down the Gulf,
and out in the Arabian Sea off their southern coast unchallenged?

I’m not saying that Iran’s decision to move aggressively to challenge US
naval power off their shores is necessarily the wisest move, but at least
American journalists and editors ought to have the decency and ethics to
point out to readers and viewers that it is the US, not the Iranians, that
are provoking things here.

Now, that’s more like it. A US carrier in Persian Gulf waters. Carriers are offensive weapons of choice. They take the fight to the enemy’s doorstep. But what is this American carrier doing in the Persian Gulf? Whose neighborhood is this anyway? Check the map below.

If and when there is a US attack on Iran, you can bet the pretext for it
will be some act by Iran that the US media will present as a “dastardly”
attack on innocent US forces. What we’re seeing with this coverage of the
latest confrontation between US and Iranian vessels is that we will not be
getting the real story.

As long as the Bush/Cheney administration continues to have that huge armada of war-primed vessels hugging Iran’s coast, it is the US that is the
aggressor, and it is the Bush/Cheney administration that must get the blame
for the consequences.

A map for the benefit of US journalists and the overpaid warmongers in our punditocracy: It’s a fact folks—Iran is a lot closer to the Persian Gulf than we are. Deal with it. Iraq and the Gulf are their very own backyard.

The American corporate media will also be responsible though, for our
domestic news organizations are playing the willing propagandists here as
willingly as did Pravda or TASS in the old Soviet Union.

Dave Lindorff is an award-winning investigative journalist who pays attention to current events, understands their gravity, and reports honestly on them, something which 99% of his colleagues throughout the media establishment fail to do.

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