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Dyslexia is when

You transpose lettres on a line

Like hanging wahs and the shrits

Get all mixed up with the shenanigans.

If, of course, you are very careful

You can evne write a wrod like shenaginans

(But don’t count on it too chum).

They say dyslaxie is a isgn of intelligence,

But I’m not byuing it.

My cousin, Itchm, for example,

Is one of the dumbest yugs I know

And he suffers from it like

Ouy wouldn’t believe.

Then there’s the Prisedents.

Rumor has it, they are not as bumd as they act,

Especially ouy nowk woh.

But I’m not byuing it!

Gary Corseri, a Senior Editor of Arts and Culture at Cyrano’s Journal, has posted and published his work at Thomas Paine’s Corner, Tantmieux, CounterPunch, The Village Voice, World Prout, The New York Times, Global Research, Dissident Voice, Telesurtv.net, and over 200 other sites and publications worldwide. His books include Manifestations (edited) and A Fine Excess. He can be contacted at Gary_Corseri@comcast.net.

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