Goodbye Fidel ||| by Robert Braunstein

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GOODBYE old friend

So long Fidel around for fifty years

The source of many lies

And focus of great fears

When you were a young lawyer

Your passion inspired others

You fought in the hills

With your revolutionary brothers

The children of Cuba

Were dying in droves

The tourists played cards in

Coconut groves

They drank rum and smoked fat cigars

They slept with prostitutes and hung out in the bars.

You were a young lawyer and a patriot too

They threw you in jail

And what did you do?

The people went crazy and sprung you from jail

You took to the mountains

Your revolution would prevail

You and Ernesto a doctor and lawyer

Gave up your privilege

To fight for the good

A modern day hero in a tough neighborhood

They blockaded your Island

They cursed your name

and invaded your country

To no avail, you pushed them out

And put them in jail

Your presence was everywhere and more than alive

Free healthcare, free rent, literacy for all, the children survived

Your island nation, by regional standards, thrived.

You weren’t perfect you made many mistakes.

They still haven’t lifted the blockade

They never forgave the changes you made

You are a dictator they say

I’m sure it is true

And Bush is a dictator in red white and blue

We have no free health care

Ours schools are not free

We pay ridiculous rents

And they steal our liberty

You are a hero

Unbowed and free

So long old soldier

I know it is true

History will surely absolve you

Robert Braunstein sent us this spontaneous tribute to one of the great world-historical figures of our time. We’re happy to publish it at a time when the American media, as they have done for half a century, continue to lie about the revolutionary legacy of Fidel Castro.

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