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Hillary’s resurrection may have a big downside: it will prolong the illusion that a system creature, in this case Obama, truly represented change. Now we’ll have to wait longer while the horde of Ronpaulites and Obamanites digest the lesson, and learn to see that, after all, the system is the problem.

A funny thing happened on the way to the Obama campaign …

It got short-circuited.

It got swift-boated by fellow Democrats.

It got hijacked by the D.L.C.—that same Democratic Leadership Council that Bill Clinton, Inc. masterminded in ’92 and ’96 to ensure his own victories, and now wields from behind the curtains to ensure his wife’s.

None of this should surprise anyone. The narrative of a steadily mounting “people’s power” movement for Obama was always too good to be true. The idea that Obama would ride the momentum of that “people’s power” into the White House, where, buttressed by the full-hearted, full-throated support of the multitudes, he would take on the special interests in the military-industrial-media-academic complex (while simultaneously delivering manna from the heavens) was always, upon a little inspection, shall we say, unlikely in extremis!

But, folks got to believe! Folks got to sing and dance! Far more Americans believe in miracles than have ever attempted to read our Constitution and figure out the machinations of our electoral system. Waking somnambulists can be dangerous, we’re told. Or, is it better to let them stumble off the fifth-story balcony?

Now the narrative may continue as planned: Hillary, battle-scarred, tested, chastened—without a hair out of maxi-hold place—comes back swinging. And as for Barack—big hints already here, wink-wink!–if he’s a good “boy”—oops, sorry!—if he knows his “place”—somebody stop me!—there may even be a spot for him in the “not-worth-a-bucket-of-spit” Vice Presidency! Of course, owing to Barack Hussein’s lack of “experience,” he is not likely to do a particle of harm in that office—which quite contrasts him to the present incumbent—which calls our attention back to—

Our glorious Repugs (and away from those persnickety Dims). So, what is the latest argument in the Dims’ arsenal? Why, it’s that old one—if we don’t choose a Dim, we’re going to get 3 or 4 fire-breathing judges on the Supreme Soviet—oops, sorry, make that—well, you know. (Of course, the notion that that body of clergically cloaked judges should have nothing to do with actually legislating; and that, if they do, some tumor is infecting our body politic and needs to be surgically—or not so surgically!—removed—that notion need not deter the panicked masses from their obstinate belief in their own poor powers to add or detract.)

So, congratulations, Hillary! Congrats to you, Barack! Congrats Mass Hypnosis Media!—you have kept the fictions alive and well. Barely a mention of 120 slaughtered in Palestine this past week! Hardly a nod to surging wheat prices, rice prices, gas prices. Let’s forget about the foreclosures for now, another blood-lake in Afghanistan or Iraq. The Empire is alive and well, and we just shot down a satellite, proving to those uppity Chinamen we can match’em and exceed’em. We’re tough, scruffy, democratically dumb, and as mean as we’ve gotta be in this bad-assed world. Ave Caesar! Morituri te salutant!

Gary Corseri, a Senior Editor of Arts and Culture at Cyrano’s Journal Online, has posted/published work at Thomas Paine’s Corner, DissidentVoice, CommonDreams, CounterPunch, GlobalResearch, The New York Times, Village Voice, World Prout Assembly, and hundreds of venues worldwide. His dramas have been produced on Atlanta-PBS. His books include Manifestations (edited) and Holy Grail, Holy Grail. He is a co-organizer of the “Building a New World: Radical Visions” Conference (http://www.wpaconference.org/). He can be contacted at Gary_Corseri@comcast.net.

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