Rove gets Spitzer’s scalp

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Another victory for The Filth Machine
 Sunnier days. But why didn’t Spitzer stand his ground and throw this hypocritical avalanche of shit back into his accusers’ faces? What’s wrong with these Democrats that crumble so easily?

Karl Rove just added another Democratic scalp to his collection: Eliot Spitzer’s.

Spitzer has not been charged with any crime. He was railroaded by the Corporate Media, led by Rupert Murdoch’s NYPost and FOX News, with Karl Rove’s “loyal Bushies” leaking furiously from Bush’s InJustice Department.

So what’s the standard here? If hiring prostitutes is a disqualification for office, then David Vitter must resign today too. In fact, a good chunk of the men in politics must also resign (and possibly a few women as well). And a bunch of reporters and editors must quit as well. And pundits too – yes I’m talking ’bout you, Dick Toesucker Morris.

If adultery is the standard, then Larry Craig must resign today, along with half the men in politics and the media.

If hypocrisy is the standard, then everyone in politics and the media must resign today, because there isn’t one who isn’t a hypocrite in some large or small way. Take Saint John McCain on torture, campaign finance, immigration, Iraq, global warming, lobbyists… you name it.

And if a criminal violation is the standard, then George Bush and Dick Cheney should not only resign immediately, they should go before a firing squad for war crimes (invading Iraq and torture) and treason (outing Valerie Plame).


Spitzer Resigns – It’s Time to Impeach Bush

Today Gov. Eliot Spitzer apologized again to the people of New York for his personal failings and resigned, just 16 months after winning an historic landslide election with 70% of the vote.

But Spitzer’s resignation was not entirely voluntary, because Republican leaders were busy drafting Articles of Impeachment.

What was Spitzer’s impeachable offense? The “lowest” crime in the book.

As we know, the Founding Fathers wanted Impeachment to be used for “High Crimes” like treason, bribery, war crimes, and subverting the Constitution itself.

Eliot Spitzer committed no “High Crimes” – but George Bush and Dick Cheney most certainly have, and they continue to do so with absolute impunity.

It’s time for Congress to impeach them for it.

16 months ago, we posted a petition listing 10 High Crimes which justified their impeachment: (1) Starting a “war of aggression” (2) torture (3) arbitrary detention (4) war crimes (5) warrantless wiretapping (6) signing statements (7) election fraud (8) outing a covert CIA operative (9) the “unitary executive” (10) gross negligence for Katrina and global warming.

Each one of these crimes is as unacceptable today as it was then. After 5 years in Iraq (see below), Bush has killed nearly 4,000 Americans and over 1 million Iraqis and incurred $3 trillion in costs. And there are many more crimes we could add, including Bush’s commutation of Scooter Libby’s sentence to stop him from testifying about the crimes of Bush and Cheney themselves, and Bush’s ongoing threats to bomb Iran. And each one makes Spitzer’s “crime” utterly insignificant by comparison.

Over 137,000 of you have signed this petition, and we thank you. (If you’ve forgotten, our form won’t let you sign twice.)

But many of you have not. And in the wake of the Republican effort to impeach Eliot Spitzer for his “low” crime, every American who is outraged by Bush’s “High Crimes” should sign it.

Please tell your Senators and Representative to Impeach Bush and Cheney Now:

And thanks for all you do to make the world a better place.


OTE: We normally do not publish stuff we receive from Democratic party affiliated organizations, as the cowardice and opportunism of the Democrats—GOP-lite—and their flim-flam repulse us. But here for a change in this complaint we saw some gonads. —Eds.


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