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  1. The previous comments are baffling, to say the least. But what they seem to have in common is their “liberal” approach to world politics. The tipoff is how flustered they are at the author’s favorable comments about Mao, and the regurgitation of standard anti-communist propaganda, which liberals, of course, are always happy to spread around free of charge. With “progressives” like these who needs fascists…

  2. The above comments, with all due anger toward the Chinese Revolution, are typical of western liberals. The Chinese are today an even more ruthless form of capitalism…..but the point seems that if one attacks the Dalai Lama (much as if one attacks Mother Theresa) one will catch flack, because for the half educated the iconic gold robed (gold futures in his portfolio too no doubt) form of the humble Buddhist monk is a signifier for virtue and tolerance (never mind the Dl wants homosexuals driven from Eden). Accusations that this article is Chinese propaganda are amusing insofar as 90% of the propaganda regards poor widow Tibet comes from the US state dept. The Chinese today have a lousy record, but this disproportionate almost hallucinatory indignation regards Tibet is simply bizarre………while the Congo and Gaza suffer endlessly and almost invisibly at times.

  3. Man! Spent last hour reading these posts on Tibet, and to say that what you represent here is like black and white compared to what I see on TV, or the major papers (the little ones usually rubber stamp what the biggies are doing) is an understatement.

    It goes to show you the sheer rift we have in the world today, between believe and make-believe. Thanks for focusing on this immensely deceptive aspect of the FILTH MACHINE.

    I ain’t fooled by that guy in robes any longer. And by the way, he reminds me of anotehr worthie, Elie Wisel. There’s a guy you can trust!

  4. So the Tibetan society were true communists before China became such! If I remember rightly, the Chinese revolution turned upon itself!
    Basically because the communist elite began to act just like the early Tibetan elites acted!
    Now not many people realise that China began to reorganise itself after the incursion into Vietnam became a disaster!
    And China should never forget how they exported their type of communism to the peoples of Cambodia, and what a big mistake this turned out to be…
    Perhaps China can now exemplify a more RESPONSIBLE position in the world via peacekeeping and United Nation policing in other troubled parts of the world, instead of acting as foreign labour exporters or small shopkeepers to the impoverished parts of the world… These so called communist/socialists only end up as filthy capatalists in the end!!!!
    Oh! And not to mention how Chinese covert action is currently occuring in Nepal as we speak!
    Yeah, sure! Just another Maoist revolution…

  5. What a bunch of Chinese horse dung!
    This article is written under direction by some politburo whacko in Beijing.

    New Zealand is in negotiations with Beijing for a Free trade deal.

    What most New Zealanders don’t realise is that there are secret negotiations included for the mass migration of 5 million Chinese peasants to live in New Zealand.

    Stand by for serious trouble with China.

  6. Those knee jerkoffs who claim this is written by a Chinese government flunky are missing the obvious. This is NOT a positive review of modern Chinese government or practices in Tibet and it justifies the unrest in Tibet today also. It is if anything a damning indictment of the Chinese revolution as it stands today.

  7. Written by a Chinese government agent. No one will belive any of it. We all know about the invasion and occupation of Tibet by China, and the atrocities and oppression committed by the Chinese. And, we can listen to the Dalai Lama and we can read his books to learn more from this wise man. On the other side is the liar Hu from China.

  8. Whether or not the history in this article is correct, I can say there are numerous factual mistakes with regard to Buddhism and the practices of Buddhism in Tibet. The article also contains several allegations that are not backed up with any factual evidence: for example the ridiculous claim that there were human sacrifices going on under the Dalai Lama’s administration before the Maoists “liberated” the Tibetans. Hogwash! The author also discusses the ritual implements made from human bone — but doesn’t seem to realize that in Tibet people were not buried traditionally — instead their bodies and bones were left out to feed hungry animals and then the remaining bones were fashioned into ritual implements. A trumpet made from a thighbone or a rosary made from skulls were considered to be powerful symbols of the impermanence of human life — they were not made from living people, they were made from the remains of people who died naturally and were symbols of enlightenment and the potential for freedom from the suffering of human life. The author does not understand Buddhism or Buddhist symbolism and should not be writing about it with so little understanding.

  9. The real question is: What would Tibet be like today if the Chinese Communist Party had not incorporated Tibet into greater China?
    Would Tibetians be better off or has China improved the life of the average man,woman or child there.
    Would the system in Tibet have allowed human rights for women to improve?

  10. I do not think that oppression and human suffering always has to be politicised by rulers who speak lying words to the outside world. One thing seems clear. This was a spiritual and cultural revolution, one in which offered redemption. If, in order for the people to arise, Mao fueled the means, it was by choice of desperation that the Tibetan Serf slaves created a commonwealth through their communal efforts. The standard of human life was raised as the souls were allowed to breath some air they did not have to buy.
    The human heart is wicked above all else, who can know it. Using other human bodies as a mountain to climb higher is the ‘trap of the world.’
    Yet, this article was very well written and I don’t care who wrote it. Ignorance and a hardened heart go together. The entire world is in a state of sorrow and woe. But reading this rendition of history is heart-rending. There are undoubtedly many truths in it. I say this, Because I have seen what men will do to other men until death sets them free.
    The NWO and it’s demonic structure has enveloped the world and is descending to cover the world in its’ darkness. How can anyone see any truths that will set men free if their eyes have been blinded. They are themselves slaves of a lie.
    P.S. How does a race, culture, society know what to do and how to do it and how do they distinquish the truth from a lie – if they cannot read? Truth speaks louder than lying words. Wisdom is from within to discern the words and deeds of man. So if the heart is in darkness, it must create idealogical images in the minds eye. But no. There are testimonies through all creation that testify to “Love and Beauty”
    “Light and Sound” “Mercy and Justice”
    Judgements!!!! and darkness has no truth. It is void. Murky and confusing.
    Each human has a spirit and will live to see it again. We are not the judge.
    Also, I just read yesterday about an anniversay that was celebrated by a date. The date was incurring the past, when 3,000 Russian Soldiers were sent into Vietnam to help fuel the tragedy there. They of course were trained to be antagonists against US forces. This had to have been a concerted agreed upon effort by the elite cabal of the world to oppress, supress and kill even more through murder, terror, chemical warfare. I do not know why…when evidence that communisms principles and demicracies principles have been written in stone to look like they diabolically oppose and are used simply to destabilize countries, rip them apart through war to extend a war machine that gets rich to control the world and it’s resources for diabolical ends; why….do people still work the dreaded word…communism and hold it to be a viable threat when it’s true cover has been uncovered and is the work of a United Satan to destroy all. This is where the entire world is headed.
    We should not keep the word wars going. Humanity is all in the same boat.
    It is appointed to a man to die once.
    Where do we go from there?

  11. If this is true, then the Tibetan people have merely traded one form of slavery fo another. The Communist leanings of the denizens of this site are apparent, therefore it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest that this tripe has been posted. I agree with the previous poster who said it was probably written by some CCP member. But then what do you expect from this garbage website? Objectivity? Ha! Cyrano’s Journal merely parrots the same failed ideology of the Radical Left that has been doomed to fail since it was thought up by the pedophile Karl Marx.

  12. I lived in China for 6 years.

    I never saw any human rights violations as described by the media and I travelled the whole country doing Telecom work. It is a safe but polluted country trying to get by under changes that have elevated a huge part of the population and left others behind. The people are friendly and bright with all the joys and problems people anywhere have.

    I am inclined to believe what is in this article and I am going to delve into what the British had to say as they had their fingers in there in the past. Any similarities will prove the article correct…yes?

    So dig deeper and see for yourself..truth or fiction?

  13. Another thought.

    It may be of Chinese orign but there is none of the Chinglish you find in anyone connected to China trying to write complicated works in English. That “Accent” will be there even in writing so it was written by somone who was raised english.

  14. The author states that “In reality, there is no such thing as reincarnation.” How the hell does he know this? No one has such knowledge of the afterlife. In my opinion, just one ridiculously pompous statement like this makes the rest of his article rather spurious. The author is obviously fatally infected with the virus of the “true believer” which is deadly in any form whether it be communist, capitalist, Christian, Muslim or any other mindset which clouds the mind and stifles the spirit. In “reality” there is no absolute reality. Go back to school.

  15. Some real fools calling others stupid when they mistakenly attribute this article to an agent or sympathiser of the CCP.

    It is NOT friendly towards the CCP at all implying that as it stands the CCP it is a capitalist abomination and agent of destruction of Tibet. The author expresses understanding of Tibetn unrest under these circumstances.

    You are the ignorant ones if you don’t realise this description of pre communist Tibetan society isn’t fairly accurate. A little research will confirm much of it and put your delusions about the Dalai Lama to rest. He is NOT the nice guy, some sort of spiritual guru that many westerners try to kid themselves. His was a primitive and very repressive regime and that is true no matter what Communist China might have wrought with the place since.

  16. What a wordy bunch of baloney! No doubt, the pre-China-aggression conditions in Tibet were primitive and undesirable by Western standards. This is basically because they believe all sorts of pagan nonsense, not being enlightened by Christianity and the Bible. This is of no concern politically to us in the West. Tibet deserves total self-determination and complete separation from Chinese slavery, just as all peoples deserve self-determination. No country or culture should be subject to another unless a majority of its people so elect. This applies equally to Belarus, Ukraine, the old Confederacy in the US, Scotland, Alsace, Lorraine, Kurdistan, the Basque area, and everywhere else. The objective should always be “small is beautiful.” Big states and big governments are always and invariably instruments of oppression.

  17. Tannaberton,
    Pollution affects human rights!
    The freedom to breathe fresh air, drink clean water LIVE in a HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT. If you are poor, do you think that these things will be looked after by the glorious government?
    As you saw yourself-NO!

    The new Chinese elite looks after itself first!

    Oh! And the chinglise is there! Just read out the script and comments loudly and you will hear the linguistic anomalies in the patterns of writing, and the ‘received pronunciation’ in the writing is very clear!!!

    By the way. Whatever happened to Falun gung in China??

  18. As usually, all of those assholes who protest so called freetibet, hahahaha what a bunch of degenerated idiots.
    China is cleaning it’s own backyard, tibet was, and will be always chinese, just as the southern island in new zealand, (kiwi asshole),or like as hawai isvthe US state. ,taiwan is also chinese , everybody are just not so happy as china is going to be superpower of 21 century(if is not already)
    Just kick there asses in tibet, and make order,and law.

    business is business

  19. CF says:

    “Big states and big governments are always and invariably instruments of oppression.”

    Yes like the USA?

    How many countries have been oppressed by China compared to the USA?

  20. Facts:
    1. Tibet WAS a feudal society before China’s takeover in the 1950’s.

    2. Many people WERE slaves under the Lama’s regime. Now under China’s rule, they have education, jobs, health care, in short, they have a LIFE! They’re no longer slaves. Ask them if they want to go back to the previous feudal society ruled by monks.

    3. China as an emerging super power is feared by western countries due to its huge economic impact on the world. Therefore current world powers such as U.S. Britain and Germany have all resorted to a smear campaign in a last ditch effort to prevent China from rising.

    4. Western media (influenced by their respective governments) have distorted the truths in order to brain wash their citizens in an attempt to hide injustices and human rights violations in their own countries by criticizing and smearing another country.

    5. Human rights violations and genocide committed by the U.S. include Vietnam war, Gulf war, nuclear bombing of Japan after they’ve already surrendered, Afghanistan, Iraq war (current), unjust trade sanctions against various countries, systematic currency and trade abuse… the list goes on. The U.S. has NO right to criticize anyone else. As the Bible said, let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

    6. China’s government and its policies are not perfect. Nor is ANY government in the world.

    Let’s try to make things better for people in Tibet, not just throw around empty slogans and words. Read up on history before you criticize.

    Thank you!

  21. Personally, I think who ever wrote this article has an axe to grind. I feel this is pure propaganda – 30 pieces of silver, maybe?
    I was once told that if you do nothing, no one will say anything about you, but the minute you start to do something, gossip will follow, others will manufacture adverse scenarios to discredit the good that you do. This is what I think this is.
    I’ve been blessed with a fairly good intuition about people and I do not sense anything monumentally wrong with the Dalai Lama or his life’s efforts.
    Lies were said of Christ as well, and I don’t believe them either.
    I will pray on this and see what my Elders have to say.

  22. We,, this took some time to read. I have read much of it before, however, but on different sites. I am pleased to find it all together here.

    @ numerous posters, I doubt this is writen by Chinese gov officials. This is not their style.

    The Dalai Lama did leave Tibet voluntarily. He finally gave in to his two elder brothers, both CIA agents. On the day before he left, mounted on his horse, and wearing his fine robes, (there are photos of this) romours were spread. Perheps, at age 24, and never having been independent, he feared the coming change.

    From 1949-1959 Mao had protected the dalai Lama, and supported the Autonomy Tibet enjoyed. The ruling class, high lamas, represented perhaps 5% of the people, who were serfs or slaves. This is a matter of fact. It is not propaganda. It is what life was like in Tibet. However, in response to pressure from people demanding their “freedom” the Chinese “congress” over-rulled Mao, and announced the emancipation of the people of Tibet.

    Mao had protected the Dalai Lama and atonomy in Tibet because his mother was a Buddhist, although not a Lammist.

    So, perhaps fearing what life would be without his power, his 6 thousand serfs/slaves, the Dalai Lama thought the $180,000 he was offered by the CIA to leave Tibet seemed like a good deal. He was paid that ever year since, and his followers were paid, at first 1.7 mill, then 2 mil, then 2.2 mil, etc.

    He had sent the riches of Tibet out before he left, so this was no escape.

    If only he had stayed? Given up his slaves, and helped transition to a more fare way of life. But, less than 10 years ago, the Dalai Lama spoke out against democracy, abd the rights of folks in a village to choose their own leader.

    Here are some more facts:

    China, not the Dalai Lama, freed the slaves in Tibet.

    China, not the Dalai Lama, built schools in Tibet.

    China, not the Dalai Lama, built hospitals in Tibet.

    Yes, some religeous traditions were ended in Tibet. The practice of killing and stuffing twins, and mounting their bodies on posts outside the monestaries because the birth of twins was viewed as proof the woman had consorted with evil spirits was ended.

    The ear tax, (cutting off an ear) and corvee was ended.

    Throwing women out in the mud to give birth because she was considered “dirty” was ended.

    Shall I go on?

    Wake up folks!

  23. Dalai Lama doesn’t represent Tibetan People in China.
    He was the leader for old Tibet which was a slavery system. Most his followers either don’t know the truth and history or their ancestors are slave owners.

    I went to Tibet last May and found out a lot by surprise:

    1. Tibetan people are allowed to have two or more children per couple while for majority Chinese (Han) only allowed one child per couple.

    2. Lahsa’s TV Channel is in Tibetan language, Channel two is in Mandarin. Government schools teach Tibetan children Tibetan language. If Tibetan Language hasn’t been taught in last 50 years… I doubt people can speak Tibetan today. While Dalai Lama called Chinese Government “culture genocide”.

    3. 50% Tibet spending budget come from Chinese central government. There are average 12% GDP growths per year for last 6 years. Average Tibetan’s life is much better now. Many country Tibetans got jobs because the tourist industry. Most street vendors and hotel maids are Tibetans, so does the workers in the incant factory I visited.

    4. Dalai Lama against the new Railroad, which brings tourist booming and wealth to Tibetan people. The railroad ticket is quite inexpensive. The cheapest seat from Beijing to Lhasa is only a little over 350yuan while the airfare can cost you over 2500yuan one-way (no discount at all!).

    5. The Tibetan family I visited has two cars and a two story house. The Grandpa is retired and has the government pension over 4000yuan per month, and his son-in-law makes over 100,000 Yuan per year by doing various businesses. But I don’t think all Tibetan are so well off, the maid in the hotel I lived in only makes 750yuan per month.

    6. Average salary in Lhasa are ranked in the top few amount other Chinese cities
    Over 50% government officials are Tibetans, and there are many Tibetan doctors and professors..

    7. Tibetan people are peace loving, friendly and hard working people. There are well informed also. There are many internet café in Lhasa. I was told as New Yorker I should move to the higher ground because the global warming. (Lhasa has much higher altitude than New York).

    8. The recent violence in Lhasa hurts the tourist industry the most. Tibetan people in Lhasa have lost so much business because the chaos. I blame the misled media and Chinese government both.

    If you love Tibet, go there for a visit, find out the truth by yourself and contribute to Tibetan economy.
    I don’t know how to upload photos and video on this site, I would like to share my pictures and video footage from my Tibet trip.

  24. I believe the Dalai Lama wanted to change to Tibet into a democratic society as he has stated but had to exile before that happened. Tibet had degenerated by the time the Chinese came. A friend of mine from Lhasa said the Chinese treat the Tibetans like second class citizens and all the best jobs go to the Chinese. The Chinese have had a brutal crackdown on Tibet for many years and will continue to do so.. The Dalai Lama has instituted reforms and his government in exile is democratically elected. One ? why have so many thousands of Tibetans risked there lives to spend weeks crossing high mountain ranges and possible death to escape from Tibet if the Chinese were so good to them. The article was some fact but mostly Chinese propaganda. Mao was one of the most brutal dictators of all time. At least 25 million Chinese died under his rule. Thousands starved to death during the great leap forward and a whole generation was stunted during the Cultural Revolution. Presently China is a capitalistic dictatorship not to different from the corporate dictatorship we have here. The difference is that there dictatorship is out in the open ours is underground and one has to dig a little to know the truth that our government is run by corporate elite who call the shots.

  25. The Tibetan were slaves, so what? They love to be slaves and they were not complaining. My ancestors were slave traders too.

  26. Oh ya, the tibetans in india are a happy lot. why not interview those who work for tibetan landlords who migrated earlier. same old relationship master and ‘servant’ (not respectable to use slave today). for those of you who romanticize the past or a nonexistent democracy yo must living in the comfort of a middle class or upper middle class homes. go on dreaming.

  27. What a revolting bit of lies and propaganda. Who wrote this trash? Why is there no mention of the thousands of Buddhist monasteries destroyed, the banning of practicing Buddhism, and the imprisonment and torture of monks and tibetan citizens.

  28. Just look at the title of this article and use good judgement…

    “The Dalai Lama—what Richard Gere won’t tell you”

    “The true face of the Dalai Lama”

    “Tibet and how the US has been building up Dalai Lama to pursue their ideological struggle. In the US many uninformed people had been awed by his philosophy on “peace” and “non-violence”. This article will bare facts to the real color and intent of the Lama, why the US had given him a Nobel Prize and many more. -”

    Where was there ANY discussion of the Nobel Prize? ANY discussion of non-violence and peace? Tibet was “hell on earth”…and this article will prove it! Do not let your intelligence be insulted by this garbage information.

  29. Like Osama b Laden and Abu Bakar, the Dalailama is an inspiration and a beacon of hope to many of his followers. In this age of turmoil and uncertainty, he may well be the lifeline for his followers who cling to his every word as divine revelation. But all these religious leaders have violent followers. If the Dalailama were not in the payroll of the US State Department, he would have been charged for terrorism. But he is also a victim, a product of the Cold War in which his brothers played a leading role in CIA-supported resistance that went awry. As long as this international power game continues, the Dalailama’s role is assured.

    But the wheel has been turned and he has to complete his karmic cycle in which he has become a symbol for his followers. In spite of international politics, he is also responsible for his words and actions. His political naivety was shown in his failure to verify the information and photos, provided by his aides and supporters, which were used to condemn Beijing and turned out to be hoaxes. With his resources there is no reason for such sloppiness. His strategy towards Beijing reflects a failure to understand oriental mindset. Perhaps he could take a leaf from Henry Kissinger’s diplomacy. If recent developments are any indication, he is advised by people with political agenda that may be contrary to what he stands for as a buddhist. When a strategy has not worked for five decades, it is time to change direction. However, this is possible only if he replaces his aides and advisers.

    Unfortunately this may not be easy because these people represent different interests and have a stake in the outcomes. The perception is that he is thrown around by forces beyond his control. With the active involvement of foreign governments, agents and politicians, there may be many directors running the show. The game is getting more complex.

  30. LOL, China, welcome to the real world?


    WORLD, welcome to the real China.

    What and How much do you know about china? Yet you guys are pretending like a freedom fighter, human rights activists.

    Are you really? Then stop the bloody war lauched by your govt (& you people) in Iraq? Can’t do that? Then you can fck off lecturing Chinese people democracy and human rights!

  31. I wouldn’t talk if i were american….you think you guys are so good…just wait for what surprise your government has planned for you retards….just look up FEMA CAMPS in america!!

  32. I’ve read a few of these discussions about Tibet and China and I fail to see what purpose they serve. The views expressed by the ‘pro-Chinese’ or Anti Dalai or and even pro Dalai and anti Chinese, are often shockingly aggressive and often abusive. I must say that the Pro Chinese posts always read as most aggressive posts.

    I have difficulty with this – The article itself I’m not bothered about and I certainly think that there has been progress for Tibet and Tibetans which is great. However, who are these people who think that Might is right? What is this as a world view.

    It is very disturbing. For example Who Jintao posted:-
    Then stop the bloody war lauched by your govt (& you people) in Iraq? Can’t do that? Then you can fck off lecturing Chinese people democracy and human rights!

    What point are you making here – are you for the war in Iraq because it excuses you from having to hold yourself up to any kind of moral questions? That’s really convenient – you westerners are crap, so we can be crap as well – that’s infantile. What are your beliefs? Do you think humans have any rights at all? Are you a lonely f***er full of hate? Do you have a family and people you love and if so do they have rights?

    We post our views on an internet forum anonymously or under an assumed name (as I am doing here) and call it a discussion. What is the point of this? I can’t see this kind of ‘communication’ benefitting anyone at all. let alone leading to any real understanding of the subject up for discussion. It just seems to lead to more entrenched views and people saying basically F**K You to each other….

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