Evolve or die: Can we shed our moral primitivism before it’s too late?

2 comments on “Evolve or die: Can we shed our moral primitivism before it’s too late?
  1. This is a stunning discourse. So much ground is covered on a deeply philosophical level, and on a visceral level, pushing us way up and out of our comfort zones.

    Quoting: “The fight for animal liberation demands radical transformations in the habits, practices, values, and mindset of all human beings as it also entails a fundamental restructuring of social institutions and economic systems predicated on exploitative practices.” — THIS is what we live and strive for, moving this seemingly impossible mountain. We start by changing something seemingly small in our lives, like not eating meat, not out of vanity or squeamishness, but for the larger picture. And learning, passing on, and never stopping linking it to the larger whole.
    How far we are willing to take it may vary, but I lean towards creating empathy. The accompanying photos create empathy by shocking, as we see commonality in the pain. But mountains must be moved, and revolutions are not tea parties, as someone once said.

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