PLEONEXIA (For Whom the Bell Tolls)

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BY VIOLA RANSEL  | Simulpost with Thomas Paine’s Corner


G8 leaders at the 2001 G8 summit….


These bastards have been around the block before.
This time the parasites planned ahead.
Laws have been passed. Detention camps built
for when their feeding on us drives us over the edge.

This time around there won’t be a New Deal.
This deal’s called Take It or Leave It.
There’s no limit now to how far you can fall.
The Social Safety Net has proved too inconvenient.

Lessons The People should have learned
have been erased from our history books.
All society’s gains since the Gilded Age
have been revoked by Enron-style crooks.

This is not their Robber Baron grandfathers’
blatant, in-your-face mass homicide.
Today’s Masters of Capitalism’s Necropolis
are engineering a relentless, slow-growing auto-genocide.

People living on the knife edge of the Global Economy
have little to live for and nothing to lose.
Given time they may unite to protest, strike or riot
or, worst of all, they may decide to choose

to demand a genuine democracy
so they must continue to be divided and conquered,
set on one another like pit bulls
and convinced they created their own problems

with the unwise lifestyle choices they made
from the consumer buffet provided by the Rich,
never seeing those choices as part of a system
the Rich designed to enable them to shift

the wealth and the power to those on the top,
the risk and responsibility to those on the bottom
and confiscate all of society’s property
unto the very air, the earth and the water

appropriating a greater and greater portion of the value
produced by the labor of working women and men,
while entrapping them in a tar pit of self-destructive choices
making willing accomplices of capitalism’s victims,


who are force fed competitive, consumer “values”
like willing, silly obedient geese.
Most of the American People are one giant pate’
ready to be consumed by the financial elite.

Since 2/3 of humanity’s now superfluous
due to globalization’s relentless concentration,
the Rich require only the last third of us
to stay alive in order to serve and to maintain them.

Like 2/3 of the world’s people, 2/3 of the world’s work
is unnecessary, hamster wheel-like activity,
done merely to feed the need to earn to consume
the results of our increased productivity

which is what the capitalist caper is really about,
legitimizing all the Fed’s green printed paper
by exchanging it for things that have tangible worth
to provide gambling chips for Wall Streets’ Money Changers.

The Rich intend to use the last third left standing
as a cheap, convenient source of alternative energy
when the last of the remaining fossil fuels have been used up
and they’ve dispensed with any semblance of security.

Soon there will be no Constitutional rights left at all
and the good jobs downsized and outsourced,
leaving a desperate crop of willing, low wage labor
available here on America’s shores

who’ll soon realize that their ultimate worth
as human resource commodities
is not a penny more than it takes for the boss
to get them back alive to run the line the next work week.

The perfect, obedient field hands and house slaves
will do the dirty work and clean crumbs from Massa’s table,
cowed and undemanding, patiently anticipating
those crumbs for which they’ll be more than grateful.

And since we’re not ready for the gas chamber’s efficiency,
the disposables will continue to be cunningly exposed
to the staggering multiplicity of unwise lifestyle choices
which allow the Rich to kill two birds with one stone.

These parasites were taught by Big Tobacco, that
if you use enough money and psychological manipulation
Americans can be convinced to buy anything
even as it poisons, kills or maims them.

PHDs in psychology employed by Big Ag,
Big Pharma, Big Insurance and Big Energy,
Wall Street Money, Big Law and Lobbying
and the Hand Gun and Armaments Industries

write advertising and Public Relations to order
for those hiding behind plausible deniability
and inject it with the best hypodermic invented,
the propaganda distribution mechanism known as TV

to exploit desire, insecurity, shame and fear
overlaid with false promises and the lure of temptation.
The Seven Deadly Sins are now The Cardinal Virtues
and all of them work for the damned corporations.

Policy decisions have already been made
to exclude certain targeted groups
from access to basic services, material necessities
and a reasonable equality of real opportunity.

And decision makers know very well, and desire,
the results their choices will effect
due to willful, depraved inhuman indifference
to poverty, misery and death,

since insufficient deprivation of the Working Class
places an unnecessary burden on the Rich,
which deprives them of the lifestyle they’re entitled to
due to insufficient levels of the margin of profit.

Public necessities like roads, schools and healthcare,
regulatory agencies and protecting the environment
eat away at the money collected as taxes
and could be lining the Rich’s silk pockets.

And rather than pay to dispose of waste products,
corporations discharge them into our environment,
such as feces from factory farms and toxic oil spills,
with costs paid by those who are harmed by them.

When private costs become public expenses,
private companies shoulder none of the burden.
And the power they wield is a measure of the speed
with which they shed responsibility for their actions.

Public Wealth continues to be privatized,
as the bulk of The People’s hard-earned tax money
gets distributed to private corporations as tax cuts,
bail outs, no-bid contracts, abatements and subsidies.

And don’t look for an increase in the minimum wage.
People have a right to work for as little as they’ll agree to.
People also have the right to starve to death, freeze
and die of diseases which are easily-treatable.


You’re depriving your “betters” of 5.85 an hour.
Besides, that’s why the Rich invented credit
so they can pay themselves instead of paying a living wage
with all that interest that they compound on your debt.

The entity formerly known as Society
is now an unregulated, pyramid-like garden of greed
where the parasites who sit at the top of the heap
project their own needs on to Working Class people.

So entire groups of people have been targeted,
and designated for compost as “human weeds”
then doused with a dose of lethal Right Wing Round Up
to clear the financial garden of these pesky “useless eaters”.

The needs of the majority of the American People
are looked down on as a repulsive abomination,
while mere WANTS of the non-producing Upper Crust
become sacraments worthy of religious veneration.

This celebration of greed and acquisitiveness
undermines social ties and civic responsibility
while sending a clear message to the “human weeds”
– think Katrina –
that the Poor aren’t legitimate members of society.


Weakness/dependence is now the deadliest of sins
precisely because it’s the Rich’s most guarded secret
and it’s projected on to chosen groups of scapegoats
before the Working Class wakes up and finally sees it.

For the Rich it’s like looking into a mirror
at a shocking portrait of a putrid Dorian Gray,
harbinger of their post-revolutionary future
when workers unite and take their scaffold of labor away.

We disgust them in a direct proportion
to their economic dependence on the rest of us
whom they speak of as unproductive “bottom feeders”,
while it’s the Rich who are really bottom-feeding on us

by commandeering “surplus” value that workers produce,
so they can live in opulence by doing nothing at all,
leaving the workers a bare minimum to live on
for which they’re actually supposed be grateful.

So need, the self-anointed aristocracy’s secret shame,
becomes punishable by death when it’s exhibited by
the “expendable” two-thirds of American society
and it’s for this reason they’re the ones chosen to die.

And the Rich are willing to do anything, literally,
to convince us there’s no alternative to capitalism’s “facts”.
They keep us crushed down by debt and at work every minute
but most important, we need to be continuously distracted.

For almost 200 years Middle Class numbers were easily controlled,
but with unrest at Gilded Age excess and the Great Depression,
FDR was allowed to implement a social safety net
and save his class’s ass from the revolution that threatened.

Social Security, unemployment, the minimum wage,
the G.I. Bill, the 8-hour day and worker safety
gave the Working Class a leg up to America’s middle,
but created a problem for American plutocracy.

Since we face an increasingly workless world,
the Rich have no use for a large middle layer.
They’re too expensive in an economic system
in which only a few may have wealth accumulation.

The Middle Class expects decent wages and benefits,
which cuts into what’s available for accumulation,
and since the world is awash in the unemployed,
the Rich can use them to take over Middle Class places.

And as privileges granted at mid 20th century
have become inconvenient and increasingly out-of-date,
they’re being revoked almost as quickly as they were given,
since they were only a sop to be taken back anyway.

So the Middle Class represents a different problem.
They have too little fear and too much time on their hands.
They need to be too poor and too busy to protest
so they’re being busted down into the Working Class.

As outsourcing creeps up the economic ladder
the Middle Class becomes so much easier to handle,
complicit in their silence as their brothers are suicided,
clutching tightly to their possessions and the illusion of status.

And as more and more groups of people become scapegoats
the Middle Class will be able to vent its rage and its frustration
on people whom it’s safe for them to blame
rather than stand up to the control of the corporations.

There’s no longer even a shred of noblesse oblige,
as capitalism comes to its logical conclusion
and the Rich White Man can finally shed his Burden
through engineering the Free Market’s Final Solution.

415 American billionaires will continue to make a killing
and since the fact of our existence actually offends them,
they’ll look away as they wash their hands like Pontius Pilate
when the auto-genocide they instituted does their work for them.

Since 2003, 800,000 more Americans have no healthcare.
Thousands more are standing in Food Bank lines.
And over a million more Americans are slipping below
the ludicrous, official U.S. Poverty Line.

What used to be investigative oversight,
law enforcement and regulatory agencies
are now primarily staffed with corporate flacks
and operate as wholly-owned subsidiaries

of the industries they’re supposed to be regulating
and used to “legally” enable and enforce
the economic plunder of America’s treasury
by private businesses just as matter of course.

And as a result of strategic campaign “contributions”
corporations rewrote the tort and bankruptcy laws
to allow them to kill and bankrupt us vicariously
without being held to any responsibility at all,

because protecting people from life’s “misfortunes”
only encourages them in their economic dependence.
Making them responsible for the choices with which they’re presented
will eventually teach them an invaluable real life lesson.

If you can’t afford to do it, don’t get sick.
Don’t lose your job and then expect to live on government charity.
Don’t even THINK about sending your kids to college.
And if you die, make sure you can afford to be properly buried.


Small business owners ruined by Big Box stores.
People past their use-date on Social Security.
Working Class brats who expect to get free college
just like affirmative action-abusing minorities.

Losers whose jobs got downsized and outsourced.
Unwed mothers using Food Stamps on America’s dime.
People who continue to smoke cigarettes.
Casino-owning, non-tax-paying Indian tribes.

Shameless people who line up at Food Banks.
Non-English-speaking, job-stealing illegal aliens.
Factory and farm workers and miners who make
too many outrageous workplace injury claims.

Special interest groups like feminist women
whining about equal pay and equal opportunity.
Inner city dwellers with the nerve to demand
public funds to develop their run down communities.

College graduates continually caterwauling
they’re a hundred thousand dollars in debt.
Drug dealers and users. Prostitutes and pimps.
Prisoners, criminals, ex-cons and homeless vets.

Food service workers and retail associates
who think they deserve a higher hourly rate.
S.S.I. freeloaders. Teachers. Nurses.
Government workers who live high off the state.

Deadbeat dads who refuse to support
the useless spawn they conceive out of wedlock,
and leave them with non-working mothers to be fed,
housed, clothed and educated by the rest of us.

People who let all their kids’ teeth rot out
instead of making an appointment with a dentist
and whine if only they’d had government healthcare
they probably would’ve been able to prevent it.

Those who claim that FDA-approved drugs
killed one of their precious family members.
Parents who produce genetically defective children
and blame vaccines for congenital autism.


Uppity ass welfare queens
driving Cadillac SUVs.
Iraq war vets with PTSS
claiming they were injured by IEDS.

High school dropouts.
The chronically ill.
Low wage workers,
both semi and unskilled.

Kids who take free lunches at school.
Idiots who scratch off lottery tickets.
White trash living in trailer parks.
Chinks, ragheads, feminazis, spics and niggers.

Credit card abusers claiming bankruptcy.
People who just won’t pay their mortgages.
Anyone who refuses to live with the results
of their freely-made, consumer lifestyle choices.

They look to a nanny state to protect them
any time they cause themselves bodily harm
and then expect reputable businesses to pay for it
when their injuries are actually all their own fault.

This is exactly why torts were reformed
and why they had to tighten up bankruptcy laws.
When you let people get dependent on government
they refuse responsibility for their actions’ results.


You’re the one who smoked cancer-causing cigarettes
’til you fooled around and got yourself terminally hooked.
So what if they boosted the nicotine levels.
There’s a warning on the label. You should have just looked.


You drank the water laced with chemical runoff,
fluoride and sewerage from factory farms.
You could have bought bottled water from corporations
if you thought your tap water was doing you harm.

You’re the one who had your kids vaccinated
with drugs that were laden with mercury preservatives
to keep contamination down and profits up.
But there’s no way you can link those facts to autism.

You’re the one living under high intensity lines
strung over your house via eminent domain
when you should have unloaded that toxic turkey
before the bubble burst and devastated real estate.

You chose to live downwind of atomic testing sites
and/or work in nuclear-related facilities
yet expect to be compensated when you get cancer
from 20 years of exposure to radioactivity.

Wasn’t it you who used credit cards and went into debt
to charge food, gas, heating oil and medical bills?
You’re the one who asked for drugs with lethal side effects
and then you attempt to sue the company that sold you the pills.

You opted out of health insurance offered at work
just because it took a third of your monthly pay,
then expressed surprise when your company’s HMO
wouldn’t approve all your trumped-up injury claims.

You’re the one who claims you’re too busy to cook
and feeds your family fast food that clogs up their arteries.
No one forces you to suck down all that soda full of corn syrup
that leads to heart disease, weight problems and diabetes.

The vegetables and fruits that you do decide to buy
are watered with toxic runoff and sprayed with pesticides.
Didn’t you also buy the meat gassed to stay red for weeks,
full of antibiotics, chemicals, hormones and e-coli?

You and your kids park your fat, American asses
in front of the newest, imported Chinese gadgets
and never move a muscle unless you’ve been forced to,
let alone exercise or give up your snacking habit.

You use plastic products full of pthalates though the same things
are produced for the same price without them for EU and Japan
where when they recognize a reproductive system disruptor
they have sense enough to institute a pthalate ban.

You’re the one who keeps breathing polluted air
and then complains about your asthma and your allergies,
but it was you who stopped riding the bus and the train
so you could show off your gas-guzzling SUV.


And thanks to those 30-year tax abatements,
the schools have little property tax-based funding
and grant corporations the right to poison our children
because school boards are so desperate for the money.

Corporations pump 80,000 chemicals into our environment,
and add an average of seven new ones every day.
Many of them have never been tested for safety
let alone changes they can make in our DNA.

These toxic, poisoning products are linked to cancer
and cause neurological and reproductive damage.
They’re everywhere you look and almost everything you touch
is made of chemicals and/or toxic, oil-based plastics.

The insecticides sprayed on to country roads
and “dusted” over forest, farm and swamp land.
More insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and fertilizers
in our homes, on our lawns and lurking in our gardens.

Chemicals used to soften plastics in food wrap,
water bottles, shopping bags and storage containers,
foam pillows, mattress pads and shower curtains,
and lengthen the shelf life of artificial fragrances.

They’re in toothpaste, body wash and hairspray,
perfume, toilet paper and “feminine care” products,
shave cream, antiperspirants and nail polish,
cosmetics, dental amalgams and eye drops,

fabric softeners, baby bottles and toys,
pacifiers, disposable diapers and nipples,
computer and TV housings, tools and CDS,
I-Pods, smart phones and coffee filters,

mouthwash, shampoos and paper towels,
laundry and dishwashing detergents and softeners,
non-stick cookware, juice boxes and tissues,
clothing that’s been dry cleaned in chemical solvents,

in paints and carpeting and plywood
used to make our new furniture and kitchen cabinets,
household cleaners, air fresheners, varnishes,
synthetic clothing, car interiors and cameras,

synthetic hormones used in prescription drugs,
that wind up in all our municipal water,
agricultural runoff laced with feces,
fertilizers, pesticides, hormones and antibiotics,

chemicals improperly stored in underground tanks,
acid rain from industrial release of sulfur dioxide,
landfills, gasoline additives, secondhand smoke,
exhaust from millions of cars on America’s highways.

In the US insecticides, herbicides and fungicides
are sprayed directly on to vegetables and fruits
and due to contaminated water runoff,
suck up more poisonous chemicals through their roots.

30% of insecticides, 60% of herbicides,
and 90% of fungicides, according to EPA,
are carcinogenic and their residue’s been detected
in 50 to 95% of food in the USA.

These poisons also concentrate in the body tissue
of all the animals we choose to eat, in fact,
95% of human exposure to dioxin
comes from the ingestion of commercial animal fat.


The transfats, the aspartame, the corn syrup,
the preservatives, the waxes and the dyes,
the meat gassed to stay red for weeks,
the propellants, the solvents, e-coli.

Profits are maximized with what appears to be food,
but is a highly-processed, chemicalized imitation
that looks, tastes, smells and has the mouth-feel of real food
but is, in fact, a nutritionless, faux-food creation.

These disease-creating, chemical time bombs
are promoted by shock and awe on TV 24/7 –
no safety checks, no admission they’re linked to disease –
to get us to continue to choose to consume them.

The Senate reported these faux foods may be as damaging
as contagious disease was in the early 20th century,
yet the producers may induce us to further self-abuse
supported by tax breaks, abatements, and Big Ag subsidies.

Ever wonder why toothpaste labels say not to swallow?
Because the fluoride in it is known to be a toxic waste product
that’s also pumped into our municipal water,
thus paying corporations to dispose of their garbage.

The fluoridation of municipal drinking water,
done without animal studies or our informed consent,
is done with hexafluorosilicic acid, a waste product,
not the calcium fluoride found in the natural environment.

This is the most-consumed drug in the United States,
deliberately added to water “to prevent tooth decay”.
no scientific evidence proves this is so,
but they add it to our drinking water anyway.

Hexofluorosilicic acid is a highly toxic chemical,
not even similar to calcium fluoride, which costs less.
And most of it comes from industrial smoke stack scrubbers
which produce phosphate fertilizers and is known to possess

arsenic, radium and lead, which are known to be carcinogens.
We bathe in, wash our clothes and our dishes in it.
It’s used to grow our food and can it and make sodas.
And the amount “acceptable” in our water has continually risen.

Chinese studies have found that fluoride lowers I.Q.
Other studies find it alters endocrine function,
especially in the thyroid which produces the hormones
responsible for regulating growth as well as metabolism.

We’re being drugged like inmates in an asylum,
perhaps to keep us unquestioning and passive,
since hexafluorosilicic acid is also the main component
in anti-psychotic drugs like Prozac, Celebrex and Paxil.

In 1930 Hitler decided he’d need more control.
Using force just wasn’t going to be enough to do the trick.
He decided to use a “water medication” program.
Do I have to tell you fluoride was the medication he picked?

Look again at the label on your fluoridated toothpaste.
It says call Poison Control “in the event of an overdose.”
You’ll know it by the convulsions and difficulty breathing
as your nervous and digestion systems start to go

High Fructose Corn Syrup’s been found
to suppress the secretion of leptin and insulin
while failing to suppress the secretion of ghrelin,
and thus, short-circuiting the body’s metabolism.

Your brain never gets the message that you’re full
and keeps receiving one that tells it you’re hungry.
American obesity became epidemic with the flood
of HFCS into our food in the 80s.

Other sugar substitutes, like aspartame and sucralose,
come with warnings printed right there on the labels,
admitting, that like tobacco, they come with known health risks
but profit’s always going to trump consumer safety.

The transfats in processed foods prolong the shelf life
of nutritionless, food-like products that we eat,
but they don’t breakdown at less than 300 degrees,
and you’re 98.6, so they harden in your arteries.

And just when you think that you’re eating real foods,
they may be Genetically Modified Organisms,
and since Congress agrees we don’t need to know what we’re eating,
Big Ag isn’t obligated to label them.

Morgellons Disease manifests as itchy lesions on the skin
oozing tiny plastic-like, fibers in blue, black and red.
It produces sensations of something crawling under the skin,
chronic fatigue, a weakened immune system and severe depression.

Police forensic experts could not identify these fibers,
but a researcher extracted DNA from them.
A biochemist found they contain “Agrobacterium”
used by Big Ag to make GMO plants.

US corporations use chemicals, additives and practices
that most other civilized nations have banned.
And their waste is packaged for sale rather than disposed of,
which makes the US the world’s largest garbage can.

US corporations used to send these banned substances
to unregulated economies in “developing” nations.
Now the tables have turned and outsourced US goods
become imports that poison our own population.

Because FDA oversight is deemed too expensive,
Consumer Products Safety Commission has only fifteen men
in all of the ports in the United States to inspect
transnationals’ products imported into “The Homeland.”

Cancer-causing formaldehyde off-gasses from glue
in our Chinese-made kitchen cabinets and furniture
which is illegal in many countries, China included,
though there are low-cost, chemical-free alternatives.

What do you THINK gave the Chinese the idea
they could use glycol in toothpaste and lead paint on toys?
It’s patently clear that US transnationals could care less
about poisoning pets or American girls and boys.

There are now nearly 100 auto-immune diseases
in which the body seems to turn and attack itself.
Almost 24 million Americans have these diseases.
Perhaps you have one or know of somebody else

who has myasthenia gravis or scleroderma,
lupus, diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis,
irritable bowel syndrome or hemolytic anemia,
multiple sclerosis, vitiligo or vasculitis.

Collectively they’re America’s #2 cause of chronic illness
and their incidence has been rising for thirty years.
Scientists believe they’re triggered by our changing environment
and since it’s particularly in industrial nations that they appear,

the scientists refer to them as “The Western Disease”
and believe heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides and toxins
are the cause of the worldwide autoimmune epidemic.
And this proliferation causes massive corporate profits.

The US has no precautionary guidelines for chemical use
and 1200 “superfund” sites have leaked deadly toxins
into the US environment for the past thirty years
How many still need cleaning up? Try 1200. That’s ALL of them.

The EU implemented REACH in 2007, the Registration,
Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of CHemical Substances.
It requires corporations to develop safety data on 30,000 chemicals
and the cost “could run into the billions of dollars for US industry.”

With REACH, EU applies the precautionary principle,
an approach that underscores preventing harm to human health
and places responsibility on the chemical industry
to demonstrate safety before their products reach the shelf.

In the US regulatory agencies shift the burden of proof,
assuming product safety and allowing them to be marketed,
thus conducting experimental product trials on people
and if they OOPS! kill us then they must be dangerous products.

The United States practically invented consumer safety,
but lags behind EU, and often China, Mexico and Japan.
Corporations say Americans don’t need the precautionary principle
because tort laws allow compensation financially

and that large punitive damages deter corporations
from the marketing and sales of harmful products for profit.
But this lie is laid bare by the millions spent lobbying
to set damages and liability near rock bottom.

The favorite corporate trick is “Blame the Victim”
on which the US public health system is actually based.
Thus cancer prevention is a personal lifestyle responsibility
rather than keeping carcinogens out of our environment in the first place.

EU, however, is requiring tests not only on new products,
but on 62,000 Washington grandfathered-in without review
when Congress passed the Toxic Substances Control Act in ’76.
(Oh, what’s a poor American transnational to do?!)

One large, well-known corporation’s been forced to take out
suspected endocrine disruptors and known carcinogens
from its products for distribution in EU, while insisting
its originals are safe and good enough for Americans.

These products, practices and procedures ensure
we eat, drink and breathe in all of these poisons
and spend the days of our lives swimming, literally,
in a chemically-polluted, environmental toilet.

It’s one thing to risk your life on experimental drug treatment
when nothing else exists, but it’s really quite different
to be experimented on as corporations weigh the cost
of lawsuits against the benefits of profit.

They claim they don’t know these things are linked to disease,
like Big Tobacco had no idea cigarettes caused cancer.
You don’t drop dead instantly, but it doesn’t mean they’re not deadly.
“Is it safe?” is the question corporations won’t answer.


You’re being invited to play Russian Roulette with your life.
“Name your poison” is the only choice you’re going to get.
And when they get you to admit it was your choice to use it
you agree you’re the cause of their deadly effect.

Big Pharma and Big Insurance get to profit
from all the sickness and the suffering that’s created,
as the world’s most advanced medical technology gets auctioned off
with access restricted to those who can pay for it.

In fact, corporations take out millions in insurance
on their employees without their knowledge or their consent.
And both corporations and insurers refer to these policies
as life insurance on “dead janitors” and “dead peasants”.

Each policy runs into 100s and 1,000s of dollars
and there are often multiple policies on one employee.
So as 100s of 1,000s of American workers die,
corporations collect their death benefits tax free.

Over 3,000 banks hold over 56 billion
in “dead janitor” and “dead peasant” policies
and this covert corporate bonanza can follow you
as you move from job to job via Social Security.

Thus auto-genocide culls the minorities,
the sick, the disabled and the elderly,
the dropouts, the immigrants, the homeless,
and the damaged goods returned by the military,

the under and unemployed, the hungry,
mis-educated children, prisoners and single moms,
entire ethnic groups and whole social classes
are scapegoated and then economically stun gunned.

The dissidents, the intellectuals, the artists,
those used up and discarded by American industry.
As they work up through the Poor, then hit the Middle Class,
those left behind will soon get used to the inhumanity

and sigh with relief it’s not them when they see
their brothers headed down the chute for self-slaughter.
The only thing missing from this Nazi fantasy extravaganza
is railroad tracks, concentration camps and cattle cars.

It’s easy to get disease-causing, chemicals and foods,
illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco and hand guns,
addictive prescription and non-prescription drugs.
Easy credit traps and Pay Day loans abound

while access to education, healthcare and shelter,
heating oil and representative democracy
are reserved for the highest of bidders
in the stratosphere of American plutocracy.

We The People and Democracy are a joke to them
and they laugh as they watch us clean their gold toilets,
mow their lawns, raise their kids and clean their houses,
while they wallow in their obscene lifestyle choices.

We let them send off our precious children
to fight illegal wars for oil and profit.
No wonder they think we’ll willingly kill ourselves
by the myriad means they’ve provided for us.

Public education? They prefer we buy our knowledge,
and of course, only the sort they prefer to be known.
No money? Stay ignorant. Forget about college.
Higher education is a prerogative of the well born.

Public transportation? Buy one of those pricey gas guzzlers
then pay Big Insurance and Big Energy through the nose.
Public roads and highways? Use privately-owned toll roads.
Can’t get to your job? Then you’ll just have to starve and stay home.

Public libraries contain unauthorized information.
We’ll have to buy our own books if we want to investigate.
Public elections will no longer be feasible
since we can’t afford to buy what we want to have legislated.

Public protection by police and fire departments?
Buy insurance and hire some private security.
And pay whatever it is that’s demanded
by privatized, not “communist” public utilities.


No EPA will monitor poisons in earth, air and water.
Profits will no longer be slashed by wage and safety laws.
Bosses will set wages, hours and working conditions.
As Maggie Thatcher said, “Shut up and take what you’re offered.”

The FDA and USDA will be ancient history.
If products kill enough people, there’ll be complaints.
And when people stop buying the offending products,
they’ll stop making them when profit is no longer made.

Airplane crashes are just another cost of doing business
like all those unnecessary maintenance and equipment checks.
And the safety features required on most modern cars
are just another, unnecessary corporate expense.

They can continue to conduct undisclosed drug trials
on uninformed members of the American military
and expose them to mutagens like depleted uranium,
which gets rid of some and deforms others’ progeny.

They can speed up the lines at factories and slaughterhouses,
demanding more work in the same block of time.
Injuries and death are just a business expense
as wages stagnate and profits keep climbing.

Farmers don’t keep animals that don’t pay for their keep
That’s the reason used when the culling gets started.
When the powerful make those same decisions about people,
the Poor and the powerless are the first ones to be targeted.

Murder is just a symbol of their economic power.
And they think it’s their right to be the ones to decide
that in order to make them more rich and/or comfortable,
some of their brothers and sisters will just have to die.

Auto-genocide serves to hide the glaring deficiencies
of White Anglo Saxon American capitalism.
And as job opportunities and resource availability shrink,
auto-genocide becomes an efficient economic decision.

Non and negative producers are too expensive,
but they still need food, shelter and medical care.
By removing the security of government programs,
they can be culled while the Rich take their share.

Others can be shunted into part-time jobs
with no benefits that pay less than living wages.
Powerless workers can also be forced
into undesirable jobs that are inherently dangerous.

Downsizing public transportation systems
keeps them in the Bantustans where they belong.
With no access to better jobs and education,
it’s just a matter of time ’til enough of them are gone.

Medicaid and TANF have to be ended immediately.
Those welfare queens will be summarily directed
to work to earn their keep just like the rest of us
in low-wage employment in the burgeoning service sector.

Social Security and Medicare will no longer deprive
Big Pharma and Big Insurance of their profit.
Can’t afford insurance and brand-name prescriptions?
Got a serious disease? Then die of it.

By keeping health insurance and medical care
priced out of range of these same targeted groups,
they can be driven to bankruptcy and homelessness
and easily controlled as the Rich tighten the noose.

Further, divide them. Set them all against each other.
When they’re isolated and in chaos chances are slim
they’ll put aside their differences and get together
to take up a stand against the capitalist system.

Underfund education where “useless eaters” concentrate.
Mis-educate the rest with only “facts” of which you approve.
Soon they’ll be goose-stepping in line with the Rich’s interests
even as they’re the ones who are obviously losing.

All class action suits will have to come to a halt.
From now on it’ll be one versus the corporations,
which is a collective form that the Rich may take
while the rest of us are increasingly barred from unionization.

And when the collective membership of a corporation
takes each of us on one at a time there is no contest.
Congress, regulatory agencies and the courts are paid off
so the average American cannot afford to buy justice.


By using plausible – though not probable – deniability
to deny links from products to injury and death,
they employ the “use it, drop dead immediately” rule.
(Karl Rove was a tobacco market consultant.)

And in this way mass murderers can poison,
injure, assault and inject with perfect impunity
as their products and practices produce slow-motion death
and are even grandfathered-in for perfect immunity.

When they know for a fact – see Big Tobacco memos –
that their products can poison and injure and murder
for years without any drop in their profits at all,
there’s no reason for them to shoulder any burden.

And when the public does learn what’s been killing them,
corporations have a “Get Out of Jail Free” card.
Nyah nyah nyah nyah, nyah nyah nyah nyah.
Tort “reform” negated injury laws.

[“Tort reform” is a deliberately deceptive phrase
coined for Big Pharma, Big Insurance, Big Energy,
Big Ag, Wall Street, the Gun Club and Tobacco
by their lawyers and their lobbyists in the 80s.

The average citizen won’t get a day in court, the “matter”
is diverted to an Alternative Dispute-Resolution Provider
in a profiteering, alternative private legal system
over which retired judges paid by the ADRPs preside.

Citizens are barred from court via binding arbitration clauses
hidden in forms they signed with banks and real estate firms,
hospitals, other medical care providers and car dealers
and other businesses that could potentially cause them harm.

Private courts have been marketed as “faster and cheaper”
and they’ve been one hell of a bargain for corporations,
depriving those injured or the families of those killed
of their day in court and adequate compensation.

There’s no public or media access.
No rules of procedure or evidence apply.
There’s no court transcript, no jury and no appeal.
NO MATTER WHAT. Your fate’s been decided.

So just as government looked the other way for Big Tobacco
because addicted smokers didn’t die immediately,
the creation of this for-profit, private legal system
enshrines the legitimacy of plausible deniability

allowing corporations to harvest profits off dead bodies,
since their products’ effects have all been deferred.
And Big Tobacco still spends billions yearly to market
its slow-motion death machine all over the world.

The real object of all this disgusting hypocrisy
is the justice system begun by the founding fathers
to protect average citizens from just such private justice
which is the legalization of corporate murder for profit.]

Plausible deniability pulls the wool over our eyes
as we stampede, lemming-like to engineered suicide.
And since there’s little or no evidence to trace back to them
there’s no accountability for this most perfect crime.

We submit to those claiming authority,
because it’s easier than thinking for ourselves,
and we give silent consent to their parasitic manifest destiny,
as we do their wet work for them by willingly killing ourselves.

There’ll be no comfortable retirement for you.
If you’ve got a job, you’ll drop dead there on the line.
All we are is notches on their metaphorical gun.
and remember they want two-thirds of us dead – not alive.

So those of our brothers who can no longer keep up
the competitive lifestyle underwriting capitalism
are destined for socially-engineered self-execution
since it’s cheaper and easier than helping them

unless help is putting that metaphorical gun
into the hand of an “unnecessary” brother,
and helping him to raise it up to his head
so it appears he’s the one doing the culling,

or putting actual guns into the hands of other brothers
and selling products that poison people and the environment.
Multiply that by thousands more disposable brothers
and watch the bodies pile up along with the profits.

Carefully-orchestrated scarcity and restrictions
are the future planned for us who comprise The Many
so The Few who have more than they could ever use
can appropriate the very last American penny.


Some have to die so that others can live well.
But swiftness of implementation? Oh no, that wouldn’t be safe!
The obvious exposure of their modus operandi
was Hitler’s and the Nazi’s one fatal mistake.

Thus the auto-genocide will be carried out slowly
so it’s hard to see and that’s the beauty of the method.
Results don’t easily track back to the instigators,
and the blame can easily be laid at the feet of the dead.

That way enough “useless eaters” can be culled
to let Earth heal while the Rich idle on country estates,
allowing them to recuperate as they contemplate
more exploitation, murder and rape at a future date

since they have an entitlement to live in obscene decadence
while we have none to food, water, shelter and medication.
Elimination for some is thus intentional, essential,
if the Rich are to regroup and do it all over again.


FEMA R.E.X. 84 allows military bases
to be closed down and converted into prisons.
In 2006, KBR, a subsidiary
of Dick Cheney’s Halliburton was given

a multi-million dollar contract to build
detention-processing capabilities
to expand Immigration’s Detention
and Removal Operation’s facilities

in order to house people in the event
of an emergency influx of illegal immigrants,
a national disaster or any “NEW GOVERNMENT

World War II Japanese Internment Camps
are also in the process of being rehabilitated.
With the addition of German/Italian POW Camps,
over 800 of these facilities are now operational.

These newly-refurbished Halliburton concentration camps,
each capable of holding an average of 20,000 souls,
have railroad tracks constructed for ease of access
and most are located conveniently near local airports.

Gas pipes run the length of many of these buildings.
What’s the US government planning to do?
Could the Army’s 2005 declassified document,
“Civilian Inmate Labor Program” be meant for you?

The largest is a massive mental health facility
outside Fairbanks, Alaska to hold two million.
In the event we’re dissatisfied with our financial lot,
we can sign on with KBR and get a “job” in prison.

Not satisfied with the standard of living you’ve been given?
Bush 41 said “The U.S. way of life is not negotiable.”
But to which group of Americans was he referring?
It’ll soon be clear if you’re the one targeted for disposal.

Pagers, cell phones and video games.
Palm pilots, Blackberries and now On*Star.
Computers, plasma TVs and Bluetooth.
HDTV and even TV in cars.

Screens displaying 11 competing sports channels,
celebrity gossip, reality shows and I-Pods.
Soon we’ll be implanted with R.F.I.D. chips
so they can track us down like runaway scurvy dogs.


This technology tornado keeps us distracted – and tracked.
Think cookies, RFID chips and GPS.
They multiply ’til you’re not even able to hear yourself think
because in silence you might have the time to reflect.

And HORRORS, you might start to think for yourself!!!

Being an informed consumer or an informed citizen
means you know what you’re voting for or opting to eat.
It’s really no choice when you don’t know the side effects
like loss of liberty or the onset of deadly diseases.

As long as you’re actually informed, it’s like smoking.
There’s a warning label. The choice is yours to make.
But if you don’t know what you’re voting for or eating
freedom of choice from among bad choices is a fatal mistake.

Yes, we did this to ourselves, but we had billions of dollars
worth of help from the Corporate Pusher Man,
to mainline psychological manipulation and suggestion
into American homes via TV 24/7.

American citizens have gone the way of the buffalo.
We’re all obedient consumer-fascists now,
changed by the Circe of corporate advertising
into callous, self-interested consumer-sows.


European financiers approved of the American Civil War
and hoped it would return the US to colonial status.
And they weren’t interested in preserving physical slavery,
since they preferred their slavery on the European Plan

which was outlined in the 1862 Hazard Circular
British financiers distributed to American bankers
to institute slavery based on debt via control
of the money supply and thereby American labor

because physical slavery entails the OWNING of labor
and necessitates the care and feeding of the slaves.
Debt slavery forces the slaves to fend for themselves
and costs only a bare minimum in subsistence wages.


In addition, ease of borrowing can keep wage slaves spending
and easily controlled by debt-induced stress.
Credit/debit cards, car and college loans, mortgages,
Rent to Own, Pay Day loans and ATMs.

And where credit is a substitute for a living wage,
the interest on it subsidizes predatory lenders.
And the shackles of the wage slaves’ debt are forged
when wages equal interest on the debt.

Any wage above interest payments is returned
to slavers when it’s spent on life’s necessities.
And while many lose their jobs, the majority are kept in check
by cheap goods meant to accommodate slave wages.

Further, when workers are encouraged to own things,
no matter how infinitesimal their holdings,
they begin to envision themselves as owners
and cease to identify with the working majority.

Their teeny little piece of the market,
mutual funds, a 401K or a mortgage,
creates a psychological shift to the delusion
that their interests now coincide with the bosses’.

Then they vote as if they were part of the Over Class
even when that’s against their own best interests,
for the improvement of stock market performance
rather than vote to better existing job conditions.

Though stock ownership is a relatively small part
of the majority of the average American’s earnings,
the amateur investor soon shifted his loyalty
in the face of frantic downsizing and outsourcing

When layoffs were announced this new “investor class”
identified not with their brothers who were losing their living
but called brokers to BUY! shares of the same corporations
that were decimating jobs and American industries.

But with the subprime crisis these same investor/owners
now find they’re on the other end of the bargain
as they raid their modest401K pieces of the market
to avoid foreclosure and pay off their exploding mortgages

on homes where they can no longer open the door
and say “Welcome to my piece of private property”
since they now ARE property in the Society of the Owned,
victims of mass eviction from the Ownership Society.

As they drown in medical bills, college loans and credit card debt
and watch the price of food and energy skyrocket
they realize that they’ve been seduced and abandoned
and left holding a tar baby of permanent debt.


We ignore children who slave for us in sweat shops in East Asia.
We “tut, tut” to hear they’re literally eating dirt in Haiti
and condemn parents forced to sell their little boys and little girls
into prostitution in order to feed their families.

We work hard not to know how NAFTA’s devastated Mexico
and how IMF and World Bank plunge countries into bankruptcy
by shackling them with chains of unsustainable debt servitude
so they’ll submit to transnational economic raping.

We turn a deaf ear to the greed of Big Chemicals and Big Ag
that’s caused the suicides of thousands of India’s farmers
and live in denial that several large corporations
are completing the privatization of all the world’s water.

We shrug off murder, rape and genocide in Africa
as long as it secures the coltan for our new cell phones.
We won’t look at the blood that’s dripping from diamonds
as long as they’re set into our engagement stones.

We don’t trouble our beautiful minds about the children
killed and orphaned by American shock and awe bombs
and we soon forget those left homeless by Katrina
as long as the destitute families aren’t ours.

We accept the corporate version of what passes for news
and avoid seeing wounded vets and flag-draped coffins
or the blood and brain-spattered bodies of Afghans and Iraqis
as long as the plasma’s got Soaps or the Big Game on.

Oh it’s all just too bad. But there is no alternative.
And after all they’re just underdeveloped savages.
So we look over or under, around and through it
because to see it would actually implicate us.

And the Rich beneficiaries of transnational corporations
actually feel the same way that you do
about rape and starvation and child sexual slavery
even when the one that it’s happening to is you.

This Over Class feels for you and your children
just as you do about the suffering and death of others.
It’s just that they’ve been able to run a game on you
and make you believe they’d even consider you as their brother.

Like family dogs chained outside to boxes alone
in the bitter winter cold by “animal lovers”
and cats run down deliberately on country roads
because they’re “sneaky and eat birds that are valued by hunters”

or male baby chicks the egg industry finds useless
quickly separated, gassed, macerated or tossed into a dumpster
and stomped by poultry workers to make room for more bodies
while many of them are still peeping for their mothers

or adult chickens chained upside down by their feet
and boiled alive to make your favorite chicken nuggets
or fully conscious cattle hoisted and ripped from throat to groin
and dismembered to be ground up for your burgers


or perhaps tiny raccoon dogs skinned alive in China
as “acceptable” fur for American toys and clothes,
little eyes alive with pain as all their nerves ends are exposed
when they’re tossed on a pile of bodies and left to die slowly

or domestic pets like dogs, eaten as delicacies in Eastern markets,
legs broken, pulled over their backs and trussed like turkeys,
whose eyes plead “Tell me what did I do to deserve this?”
as they wait in excruciating pain to be someone’s entree.

This is EXACTLY the amount of empathy you can expect
as you and your children are killed silently, slowly
by the foods you eat, the air you breathe and the water that you drink.
Did you really think the Rich would give YOU an alternative?

The Fortunate 400 whores will never allow
the rest of us into their Platinum Circle.
It’s enough we breathe their air and drink their precious water.
But, wait a minute. They’re making us pay for it!

Why do you THINK you drink bottled water and suck an inhaler?
And what’s with all these new autoimmune diseases?
What is it in those chemtrails that they’re spraying on us?
And why do 300 US areas have air that’s too dirty to breathe?

And in addition to the profits that the poisoners enjoy,
there’s a bonanza for the medical establishment and doctors
who profit handsomely by treating the symptoms of diseases
and looking the other way when it comes to finding the causes.

They’re ripping the lungs out of the planet by deforestation
to plant GMO corn to feed exhaust-spewing SUVs
and GMO soy for four-legged burger machines
contributing to climate change with methane from their feces.

REAL, non-GMO food seeds are being secreted away
in a private vault in Svalbard deep under the Arctic
by Bill Gates, Monsanto, Syngenta and the Rockefellers
now that they own the patents on all of the plant life.

So when the rest of the planet’s been devastated,
the Rich will start this all over again,
using the last third left standing as slave labor
who’ll submissively grovel to get Massa’s few crumbs.

They already own 80% of our food.
They’re buying up what’s left of the water, too.
They own the energy/fuel and access to medicine.
But wait! Doesn’t that mean they own you?


But go ahead, keeping breathing and bathing in poisons.
Give your kids HFCS, GMOs, transfats and fluoride.
Why not just shoot them up with a hot shot of heroin
rather than condemn them to slow-motion suicide?

You’re doing the Over Class’s killing for them
and paying them for the privilege of doing it, too.
Ask not, Working Class America, for whom the bell tolls.
Wake up and smell the coffee. It’s tolling for you.


“The two greatest obstacles to democracy in the United States are, first, the widespread delusion among the poor that we have a democracy, and second, the chronic terror among the rich lest we get it.” – Edward Dowling

“There is no subjugation so perfect as that which keeps the illusion of freedom, for in that way one captures volition itself.” – Jean-Jacques Rousseau

“The illusion of freedom will continue for as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, pull back the curtains, and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.” – Frank Zappa

“We have stricken the shackles from 4,000,000 human beings and brought all labourers to a common level, but not so much by the elevation of former slaves as by reducing the whole working population, white and black, to a condition of serfdom. While boasting of our noble deeds, we have manipulated a system of oppression which, though more refined, is no less cruel than the old system of chattel slavery.” – Horace Greely

“The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it.”
– Dr. Josef Mengele

“Give me control over a man’s economic actions, and hence over his means of survival, and except for a few occasional heroes, I’ll promise to deliver to you men who think and write and behave as I want them to.” – Benjamine A. Rooge

“Permit me to control the money of a nation and I care not who makes the laws.”
– Mayer Amschel Rothschild

“Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.”
– Henry Kissinger (See his 1974 NSSM for drastic population control.)

“We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the work is now much more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries.” – David Rockefeller, to a 1991 meeting of the Trilateral Commission

“Those who are fit to rule are those who realize there is no morality and that there is only one natural right – the right of the superior to rule over the inferior.” – Leo Strauss

“The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.” – John Kenneth Galbraith

“Find out what people will quietly submit to, and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them, and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.” – Frederick Douglass

“To know truth is to have power. News is what powerful people don’t want you to know. Everything else is public relations.” – Bill Moyers

“Reason obeys itself; ignorance submits to whatever is dictated to it.” – Thomas Paine

“Education makes a man unfit to be a slave.” – Frederick Douglass

“I do not see why an insolence of caste should prevent the gifted class, when they had the power, from treating their compatriots with all kindness, so long as they maintained celibacy. But if these continued to procreate children inferior in moral, intellectual and pyhsical qualities, it is easy to believe the time may come when such persons would be considered as enemies to the State, and to have forfeited all claims to kindness.” – Francis Galton, English Eugenics Society

“Those least fit to carry on the race are increasing most rapidly… Funds that should be used to raise the standard of our civilization are diverted to maintenance of those who should never have been born.” – Margaret Sanger

“American Eugenics was conceived at the onset of the twentieth century and was implemented by America’s wealthiest, most powerful, most learned and most influential individuals and institutions, including the Carnegie Institution, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Harriman railroad fortune (the Bush family fortune comes from deep, intimate business relationships with the Harriman family), Harvard University, Princeton University, Yale University, Stanford University, the American Medical Association, Margaret Sanger, Robert Yerkes, Woodrow Wilson, the American Museum of Natural History, the American Genetic Association and a sweeping array of government agencies from the obscure Virginia Bureau of Vital Statistics to the U.S. State Department. / American eugenicists sought to methodically terminate all the racial groups, ethnic groups and social classes they disliked, feared or deemed a threat to established power, then or later on. / Their goal was to sterilize fourteen million people in the United States and millions more worldwide – the “lower tenth.” Afterwards, they planned to eradicate the remaining lower tenth until only a pure Nordic super race remained on the face of the earth. / American eugenicists exported their philosophy to nations throughout the world including Nazi Germany. More, American elite, through foundations, gave grants to Germany for its eugenics program. / The American Eugenics Society was organized in 1921, following the Second International Conference on Eugenics held in New York City in that year. In 1972, the American Eugenics Society was reorganized and renamed The Society for the Study of Social Biology.” – Martha Rose Crow

“Freedom had been hunted round the globe; reason was considered as rebellion; and the slavery of fear made men afraid to think. But such is the irresistible nature of truth, that all it wants, is the liberty of appearing.” – Thomas Paine

Poet and part-time actor Viola Ransel is a Senior Contributing Editor with Cyrano’s Journal Online. .

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