Real News Network’s Chief Paul Jay on PBS

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At last, making progress on the television front

RNN’s CEO & founder Paul Jay interviewed by Daljit Dhaliwal, host of PBS Foreign Exchange

FOR A VERY LONG TIME the progressive community of North America has been waiting to see a serious effort at breaking the overwhelming primacy of corporate media (chiefly television) on the American public. It speaks volumes that, again, it took a foreigner, in this case Canadian broadcasting journalist Paul Jay, to get the idea off the ground with his INDEPENDENT WORLD TELEVISION’s Real News Network. []The convergence of television and computer technologies, digitization of the former, and advances in broadband access in many countries around the world, gave our own team at Cyrano’s Journal Online the impulse to develop a website-borne news channel, visualizing a future in which we might see not just the vaunted 500 tv channels once promised by the industry, but literally tens of thousands, as many activists following the Indymedia example began turning themselves into local producers and their websites into “web-borne tv stations.” Lack of sufficient capitalization has stalled out our own plans, momentarily at least, but we are extremely happy to see that Paul Jay’s venture is making progress, expanding despite all the inevitable obstacles, and catching on among international and US audiences. IWT’s Real New Network, which rests on a simple, member-supported funding model, and which accepts no government or corporate advertising, is already offering superb coverage on many vital topics thanks to a world-class staff of reporters and commentators that includes Gore Vidal, George Monbiot, Pepe Escobar, and the formidable Aijaz Ahmad, to name just a few. Paul Jay’s effort deserves our unconditional gratitude and support. This is news the way it should be presented, if we are to spare ourselves and the world more unnecessary toil, suffering and death. 

VISIT THE REAL NEWS NETWORK, pass the word, sign up as a supporter and help us break the information and ideological stranglehold currently exercised by the business-owned media. 


—Patrice Greanville, Editor, Cyrano’s Journal Online; Chief Editor, The Greanville Journal

2 comments on “Real News Network’s Chief Paul Jay on PBS
  1. Hi! Although I like the idea of internet TV stations, don’t bother going there if you are not using a high-speed internet connection, as they are loading videos on their topmost webpage. I am a high-speed user and even I… almost aborted their top-page render-up due to the wait-time and browser lockup-like phenomenon caused by web authors doing such nonsense.

    In my opinion, a site should ASK the browsees if they want to pre-fetch/view videos (like seen here at bestcyrano), and not force such long top-page load-times upon browsees.

    At least we didn’t see gray “get the plugin” panels all over the place… for those like myself who refuse to use the corporate-proprietory, W3C-discouraged SWF file format and shockwave plugin.

    Nothing personal, Patrice. Just a warning to those who live in the woods, outside the reach of high-speed internet connections.


  2. Quick extra…

    For those who have never seen an Adobe shockwave-less “get the plugin”-adorned webpage in Mozilla or Firefox, here’s a screengrab of this very blogthread… showing two “get the plugin” gray panels.

    This happens via not doing browser-sniffing and more-specifically, not checking the mimetypes array in Netscape-ish products. A really high class website uses a bit if Javascript and checks for the existence of the mimetypes array (there’s not one in Internet Exploder)… and then checks if .swf, .wmv, .avi, .rmv (video formats) are even associated-with (honored-by) the user’s browser. If not, a proper dynamic website does not even include the tags (html elements) for the video… and thus… no big gray “get the plugin” panels would happen at all.

    Such things require advanced web-authoring techniques… something rarely seen these days.

    Way more than ANYONE wanted or needed to know, eh? 🙂

    Take care!
    Wing McNutt

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