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TV news with an attitude: Introducing The Real News Network

By Patrice Greanville

Watch The Real News Network‘s mission statement. Click on the above panel.

IWT’s Real Network News doesn’t have billions of dollars in assets, nor strong political or corporate connections, and even if it could, it wouldn’t want them, because one of the central purposes of this small but tough television news source is to get away from all that, and build an entirely new system of mass information based on membership support, quality reporting, and honesty in news and event analysis. Considering the degeneracy of our corporate media system these days, especially television, this concept is nothing short of revolutionary. IWT (Independent World Television), founded by Canadian journalist Paul Jay, does not pretend to be “objective.”  Seeking to present the truth about any given issue, without regard for any corporate or political interest, it is clearly and unapologetically a left-leaning information resource, since it seems to understand that the truth is, all by itself, highly subversive of a corrupt status quo (we agree). Fact is, at any given time, the facts on the ground favor the left, since most people around the world lead lives of insecurity, exploitation, discrimination,unnecessary suffering and persecution, mostly as a result of institutionalized exploitation, classism, racism and a host of other accumulated social ills defended by the right. In that sense, although untold millions misguidedly vote for or support rightwing candidates, and their “subjective” understanding of reality is still largely controlled by corporate media and other forms of ideological manipulation, reality remains stubbornly “leftist” because reality—”the truth out there”— cannot be contained indefinitely and eventually seeps out and imposes itself even on heavily indoctrinated publics.

Jay is determined to challenge the toxic information brew consumed by Western publics, especially Americans.

An example of this is the trajectory of US public opinion on the Iraq War.  No doubt assisted by the multiple lies disseminated uncritically by the corporate media, and the ever-useful cudgel of 9/11 and Congressional complicity, BushCheney and the neocons ignited their war against Iraq in 2003 with extremely high favorable opinion ratings, often exceeding 85%. To criticize the war was to be instantly labeled as “unpatriotic”, not supporting our troops, and the rest of the chauvinist treatment calculated to silence dissenters. Today, that support has effectively disintegrated (hence the GOP’s unrelenting search for another bogeyman) and the Republican ticket is in trouble.

A similar story can be pieced by looking at the infamous “wedge issues” that conservatives exploited to take command of government in the 1980s and have yet to fully relinquish. Today, in mid-2008, the reality of economic distress is so acute for so many Americans–even for those who formerly based their votes on abortion rights, or whether or not gays could marry and similar busybody preoccupations— that it is the economy, health insurance, and the war that top most surveys in terms of public concern. That, despite enormous and continuous efforts to keep such issues alive as a source of reactionary mobilization.  It is in that sense that reality is on the side of the “left.”  But it takes vision and courage to seize the moment and fight the enemies of moral and political progress with the truth.  In any case, that’s another story.


Patrice Greanville is Cyrano’s Journal Online’s editor in chief and editorial director of The Greanville Journal.


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One comment on “RNN—The little network that could
  1. Hello Patrice, blast from the past, 1982 to be exact. Good to see you’ve maintained a startling consistency in your philosophical beliefs; I for one have not. In 1985 I moved to a wilderness area in California to be a semi- hermit, and since 1996 have been voting Republican ( but with strong anti-establishment Lib reservations), owning and enjoying firearms and hunting, reading Ayn Rand and denying she’s a crypto-fascist, and enjoying reading the news in several Romance languages on Google News and elsewhere. My latest enthusiasm is the Ladino language, both Romanized and in Hebrew letters; it is easy because it’s very close to medieval Castellano. … Lately have been socializing with people I knew in Trumbull in the sixties– grade school and high school — on Facebook. Also some CA amateur astronomers who are nearly all mainstream Democrats. … Drop a line if you wish; we won’t agree on politics but I recall you as an exceptional intellect and warm and interesting person. — Orrin in California

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