3 comments on “Who’s to blame for the Russian Georgian conflict?
  1. It’ll be a long time before we see reports as clear and comprehensive as this on the corporate media. I say forget about those propagandists for American plutocratic interests and watch RNN, which covers all the major issues clearly and concisely. After watching these RNN selections I feel like barfing when I look at the regular TV channels. What a disgrace!

  2. There is no fight left in America.
    by libertyisfreedom 19Aug2008
    Some of the most complicated Questions have the simplest answers.
    Russia defeated America thru compromise during Regan. All reporters engaged by corporate media “SPEW VENOM of propaganda” to further the seed of “CORPORACRACY”.
    Blind and Stupid are the American Citizens. Al lapping up compromise of their “LIBERTY”. While the Fornication of “Freedom” rolls in the bed of the “WHITE HOUSE”. Laughing Moaning in pleasure. Now saying “WE ARE CUMMING. America will be defeated again with out even a shot fired.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Americans thinking in writings on the internet (we are safe) no one can touch us. Communism already has touched all Americans. They surrender their Freedom as if it is a “Commodity”.
    Communism has “INDUCED” and “MANIPULATED” America with the grace of a surgeon.
    There is more “TRUTH” in this statement then what is stated on the back of U.S. currency. “””””In God We Trust”””””””””””” Now that is a real Laugh.
    Ever notice the “C” shape of the setting area at the U.N. Security Counsels chambers ? Just “WHAT !” do you think that “C” stands for ? “”””””” “CORPORACRACY””””””””””!!!!!!

  3. I’ve met men that have fought, many Wars. Stories have been written. Legends, have been told. Of the Faith, it takes, to keep, “Liberty”.
    Coming together. With desire, of a teenager, in LOVE. So powerfully, induced, by, desire. Objectives are mire obstacles. Only, offering a challenge. To be overcome… In achieve individual, “Liberty” & “Freedom”.

    The Governing Powers, continue to demand, “NO”. This cannot happen ! But Our true existance, as humans, is, the Nature of Liberty & Freedom.

    On this date 4 July 2008, Notice is distributed. as follows :

    “Freedom” & “Liberty” of America, is “BREACHED”. The States, “United, as, of America”. Have systematically, infringed individual Rights. Using, deception, coercion, fooling individuals into giving up Rights , that one cannot give up for another. “Rights”, Guaranteed By Contractual Agreement. Between, “United States of America”, as Governing body, by CHOICE. Joined together as “The People” to protect, “individuals” from Oppressive Governments infringements’ of “Rights”.

    Document referred to as “Constitution of United States of America” Signed & Sealed, as agreed on, 4 July 1776. Binding, Individuals , and Government, together as Parties, identified as, “The People.”

    This agreement has been BREACHED ! Rights, go to the, “INDIVIDUAL FIRST.” All States, Bound to Federal Government, by agreement. Presently Identified as Governments, of the ” States, of America.”. Each acting individually, and with others, has damaged, and, continues to damage, all citizens covered under the afore mentioned agreement. “The Constitution of the United States of America.”.

    Long ago there were discussion. About Desires. As a Powerful Force. Individuals, Government, Intellectual Medical Community of Individuals, and others, agree. Desire is, “Something that deserves control.”.

    What about desire for, “Liberty” ?

    Described Simply as an, inducement. A tool, used to induce/ Give, Chemical imbalances to individuals, and groups of species, existing as biological life forms. . Tools, evolving Controls, over individuals, Groups, Governments, and Worlds. Tools used to hold Power. Tools used to take Power.
    Inalienable, “Rights”. Are, “LIFE” & “LIBERTY”.

    All that is, for human kind, in America, are those two words .

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