Viva Olbermann!

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Exposing Bush’s use of “9.11 tm”

On Sept. 10, 2008 Keith Olbermann (CountDown, MSNBC) delivered a scathing and completely accurate portrait of what the Republican party—and the Bush-Cheney gang have been doing for almost a decade now, cynically capitalizing on the propaganda tsunami created by the attacks on the New York City World Trade towers and other points on 9.11.01. Olbermann correctly baptizes such exercise in hypocrisy as exploiting the “9.11 tm” franchise. This is surely one of the most courageous and comprehensive exposes of what’s rotten in Washington DC and in American political culture. A “must see” for anyone trying to understand the mess we’re in, not to mention a treat for all political junkies. 

2 comments on “Viva Olbermann!
  1. Nobody on the MSM is expressing the anger and disgust of average Americans better than Olberman.

    We’re not going to get in-depth analysis with K.O., but we will get head-butting and gut-punching with wit and intellect in the attack. Olberman takes on the schoolyard bullies we love to hate and he trounces them. He starts out looking and acting like Clark Kent, then, the more he talks, the more riled up he gets, sweeping his audience along until he’s transformed–flying through the air with a red cape on ready to deliver the titanic fist of steel. To milk the metaphors: he’s the nerd who turns out to be the Karate Kid.

    Of course, he’s right on target here with his condemnation of the 9/11 T.M.–the utter hypocrisy of the labeling, the franchising of 9/11 by Republican wastrels and dunderheads.

    Could K.O. blast further, expose the systemic rot in both parties, our corporate structures and media? Well, not in 8 minutes and change. Olberman makes a good beginning, finds the chink in the armor of the Empire. It’s for the rest of us to keep excavating.

  2. This Special Comment is bound to become a classic. It can’t be improved on. It’s amazing how few voices (none actually) speak to power like Olbermann does in the so called mainstream media. It’s also a tribute to the propaganda system we live under that people like him still have loads of critics and enemies denouncing Olbermann for “his bias.” By any definition “bias” is a slanted presentation of an event or ideology, but the truth has no bias and what he said about Bush, Cheney and his fellow hypocrites and kleptocrats was TRUE. What part of that denunciation was NOT accurate?

    As Mr Corseri says, it’s up to the public to dig further and to keep on “excavating.” But the ultimte purpose is not just to change these crooks for smoother crooks, more palatable criminals…it is to change the system that keeps presenting us with these impossible presidential and political choices.

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