Health Care: Basic Human Right or Privilege? [AUDIO]

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Dr. Stephanie Woolhandler | [print_link]

BACK IN THE 1970S the Wall Street Journal, no communist organ, ran a small item on its front page, acknowledging that recent polls showed no less than 70% support for a universal public health care system. With such level of support we might imagine that most American politicians would have scared up the courage to support universal, publicly administrated, health coverage in America, but that was not the case.  As we know, US politicians are not in Washington to serve first and above all the interests of the average citizen, but to pass (or avoid) legislation, as the case requires, that favors the interests of the top 1% of the American population, the owning class. Thus, scandalous as it may be, it’s not so surprising that we arrive at 2008 with no concrete solution in sight, and that both John McCain and Barack Obama, representing merely two slightly different wings of the same upper class, are simply offering more of the same old nostrums and complicated bandaids, leaving the role of Big Pharma, the AMA, and Big Private Insurers largely untouched.

In this interview with Dr. STEPHANIE WOOLHANDLER and JOHN WILHELM, the issue is discussed again, clearly and succinctly, and from an unapologetic populist viewpoint. The interview was produced by Anna Manzo, senior producer and outreach coordinator for WPKN’s Between The Lines Radio Newsmagazine, and cofounder, with longtime activist Scott Harris, of SQUEAKY WHEEL PRODUCTIONS.

“Health Care: Basic Human Right or Privilege?”

with Dr. Stephanie Woolhandler, cofounder of Physicians for a National Health Program and John Wilhelm, presidentUNITE HERE Union Hospitality Industry.
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