One comment on “Olbermann urges Obama to prosecute Bush & Co.
  1. You may have to wait till kingdom come.

    Yahoo Answers put the following question to its groups: Does anyone else think Obama is phony?

    And the best answer, was:

    Best Answer – Chosen by Asker

    Somewhat, much of what he advocates conflicts with his actual voting record. He spoke out against the Patriot Act then voted in favor of reauthorizing it, he cannot commit to withdrawing the troops out of Iraq by 2013, possibly later… He hasn’t ruled out using strikes against Iran, not to mention the same vote he criticizes Hillary for, he missed himself and sponsored the exact same legislation designating the IRG a terrorist organization back in April… He implied that he would invade Pakistan, without the consent of their government.. He made votes making it more difficult for average citizens to sue big corporations.. He has no consistency on the issues of social security and taxes, in the very beginning he was for raising the cap, then having all options on the table, then appointing a bipartisan commission, now he’s back to raising the cap… He receives [enormous] contributions from lobbyists, corporations and interest groups, despite his denials…He promises “change” but he has neither the substance, the experience, nor desire to deliver this change..

    That’s what politically astute people call “opportunism.” Not something to admire in a person, and terrible for the citizens of this nation in a man as gifted in selling snake oil as Obama.

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