Obama: stop conciliating the GOP crooks

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Let us all note that while the GOP is a political association dedicated to advancing the interests of big business and the plutocracy in general, concretized in the so-called “Military-Industrial-Media” complex, which is deeply intertwined with the political class of the US, the Democrats, supposedly the alternative, are similarly beholden to the same oligarchic (capitalist) interests. One has to wonder about Obama’s desire to govern with almost total consensus, a posture which, while idealistic, says little about his understanding of real world politics, and the impossibility of EVER satisfying the Right. On the other hand, if these gestures of conciliation and generosity toward the Republicans are a move to eventually show them up for the intransigent reactionaries and petty bastards that they are, then it is a very clever move, but we doubt this is the engine behind such postures.—Eds.

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  1. Hi gang!

    Author… I’m far from a politician, but… I wonder what the chances of the Obama administration… moving in a Green direction… are. Obama really can’t do too much in any particular direction, so he sort of has-to be “centrist?”… I suspect. In other words, he may dismiss ulterior motives from either of the two primary parties, and may instead turn to scientists and non-partisan scholars… who tend to be logic-based and/or somewhat quasi-Green. And if readers would be kind enough to pardon my stereotyping… most Greens tend to be very loving educated hippy-ish bug and tree huggers… commune folk… love everything folk. In a way, Greens and similar communalists… might be considered a safe moral middle-ground for a potential-no-nonsense chap like Mister Obama. It might be a good time for scientists and pure-logic folk to push the “intelligence and heart agenda”.

    But, what about the NSA (a USA thing)? Do they still exist? How integrated do you think the NSA is… with the Dept of Homeland Security? And how much “black ops” spying are “we” still doing, and where? Obama surely has a “need to know” enough to be briefed on where and why… but he surely can’t tell the general public about such things. That would endanger both the operatives and the USA general public. In general, how much can Obama tell the USA people about “the big picture”? It seems that he MUST, by his position itself, conceal certain information from the general public. Besides, the general public probably couldn’t handle the volumes of data collected by black ops. So there are folks who sort through spy data collected by the NSA and the like… and pick and choose what the president should be briefed about. But is that “filtering” a way to “puppet” a president? Is it used as such? Is Mister Obama privy to ALL data from government operations, or is he “steered” and maybe doesn’t even know it? Is a USA president really just a PR man for a “golden circle” shadow government possibly based within the NSA or CIA? Is the USA president… simply a spokesperson for the giant corporation called AmWay (American Way/New World Order)?

    These are the questions that probably should be asked… so I did. Take care, gang! Wingnut

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