Getting Sentimental – By Gary Corseri

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Getting Sentimental – By Gary Corseri

So who else should it be at that hour of the night,

out in the country like I am, except–

Geronimo! standing there with his headband in his hand,

still bloody from the latest buffalo kill,

asking me, sheepishly, if he can use the phone.

So I say, “Why sure, Geronimo!” And he cha-chas

across the living room, huya-huyaing,

and I pour him some firewater

and the two of us get sentimental and start to sing,

Deutschland, Deutschland ├╝ber alles.

Later on, we have a heart-to-heart, no forked-tongue,

blood-brother talk about the Old West;

and the old bear shakes his head,

he gets this faraway look in his eyes,

he huya-huyas a few more times,

and then he melts into the living room carpet,

and he doesn’t even leave a stain.

(First published in A Local Muse)

Gary Corseri is the Associate Editor of Cyrano’s Journal Online. His books include the novel, Holy Grail, Holy Grail and the literary anthology, Manifestations (edited). A recording of him and others presenting their work was recently broadcast over Columbia University’s “Artwaves” radio program:


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