Eviction – By Gary Corseri

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Eviction – By Gary Corseri

All day the moving people go,

like faceless bandits with bulged arms,

grunting out our life amidst these woods,

planking down our words with sweat and groans.

The old stove claps its white, chapped skin

against the chipped edge of the kitchen door.

Records, books and photographs

are scattered like dead soldiers.

And is it like an old, sad dog,

this farm, settling itself to die?

Blood’s in the air. The vultures tear

the dead cow’s head out while we stare

and secret eyes stare back at us.

The mortgage people pull our bones out so.

My woman’s shoulder is as white as snow,

shaking, shaking from the cold.

(First published in The West End)

Gary Corseri is the Associate Editor of Cyrano’s Journal Online. His books include the novel, Holy Grail, Holy Grail and the literary anthology, Manifestations (edited). A recording of him and others presenting their work was recently broadcast over Columbia University’s “Artwaves” radio program: http://www.annecammon.com/audio/Journeys_WKCR.mp3

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