FMNL wins in El Salvador—A truly historic election

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MAURICIO FUNES, the FMNL’s candidate, delivering a speech shortly before the election that gave his party, for the first time, the reins of power in El Salvador, after decades of a lopsided “civil war” during which the rightist parties and military, strongly financed and supplied by the US, waged a dirty war of repression against broad sectors of the civilian population that took hundreds of thousands of lives. Watch special video by The Real News Network.  [GO THERE]

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One comment on “FMNL wins in El Salvador—A truly historic election
  1. On behalf of the communist party of pakistan and myslef ,I haertly congratulate the people and comrade M.Funis on the historic victory in the recent election of Elsalvador . we hope your this win will be prove to be the win of all Latine Americanan emancipation from the clutched of emperialism and capitalism and hope this will be a bacon for all of us to follow.
    com. let me elaborate to till you that the commusnit party of paksitan is passing through its worst ever in the history of all communist movments period as every day the fanatic taliban are killing our cader comrades on the behist and support of the state agencies and army , but have not been discouraged any way , we willfight like you have shown us the path of struggle and courage .

    once again i wish u good health success in delivery of the socialist system nector to the working class .
    comradly , with warm complimensts and regards to your family and all the party comrades.
    Dr shfik . CPP .

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