Poems by José M. Tirado

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The Poetry of  JOSE M. TIRADO

Presented by Gary Corseri


Pensive, and not knowing

Which way to go, the thinking creature

Retreats in a circle,

Then contemplates

The journey.


Even in the darkest days

I remember flesh dreams,

supple, painted bright, lit by paper lanterns

stoically placed before the bamboo inn.

When the moon retreated, we bathed

with tilted heads then swam off blue into some

lost river sinking lower down the basin’s rich rice fields

to greet the dark constant ocean.

There were snapshots seared before

the scroll: a sliding door, an unused

brush, small tipsy night walks home through parks.

There days passed for nights, and

we´d sing sybaritic successes to

a Kannon who thought we’d lied.

Sensed raw, drawn fully,

for only a handful of sake cliches,

a hundred days a year, I slept.

The rest masked a hole I worked

to find the sand to fill.

Reverend Jose M. Tirado is a poet, priest, psychologist, and political writer who grew up in NYC and Miami, lived for five years in Japan, and is now completing a PhD in psychology while living in Iceland.  His articles and poetry have been featured at Cyrano’s Journal Showcase, CounterPunch, Dissident Voice, The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies, Swan’s Commentary, The Endless Search, Gurdjieff Internet Guide and other venues.  He can be reached at jm.tirado@yahoo.com

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