The poetry of Neil Young

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Today we have declared that war can be undone,

Bombs can be recalled,

Shrapnel can be extricated

As if it had never punctured skin and bone,

Memories can be unscarred.

Today we have discovered how

Houses can rise in a second from rubble,

Our miracle magical builder’s kit

Can even make home improvements.

Today we have decided that lies can be untold,

News can be unmanaged,

Countries can be unoppressed,

Hate and fear can be reversed as if they never were here.

Today the coffins will all be empty,

Body bags will be unstitched,

The undertaker will be told to get a job as a florist,

Soldiers will upturn their helmets for plant pots,

Ministers will be made to sign on the dole

And the Queen will be put to work washing out bed-pans.

Today we’ll strike a souvenir pendant

Out of our bullets

For the day when history was unmade.

Today we are going to unbomb you,

Surprise you,

Surprise ourselves,

We are going to do what we have not done before,

We are un-waging war.

NEIL YOUNG is a 44-year-old journalist based in England.  He has written columns on national and international political affairs.  His many poems are currently in preparation for readings and publication.  Their varied style and content range from ballads, lyrics, and reflections on the Belfast of his youth to love laments and celebrations, free verse and political polemic.  He can be reached on his mobile number (U.K.) at 07764-354-125.

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