2 comments on “Mike Farrell: Actor and above all activist
  1. “I like Mike Farrel and his work to increase fairness, and truthfulness, his insight into the lies told by Presidents and politicians, and his willingness to go and support humanitarian causes. Over the years he has clearly acquired a better understanding of America’s true goals and form of government (plutocracy dressed as democracy). But his understanding remains shallow, and for an ex-marine, he’s rather timid in his observations. Were it not for Paul Jay’s questions, which pointed the discussion to more important insights, this interview would have been a dud. It seems that Farrell understands that US Presidents are nothing but fronts, including & especially Obama, a smooth demagogue, but his words of criticism are few and far between.

  2. Frank, Farrell is yet another well-meaning Hollywood liberal. While some Hollywood writers (especially in the 1930s, 40s, 50s, even, could be found with clear-eyed class analytical understanding of politics, few actors have or do. I saw (not too long ago) Sean Penn denounce Fidel Castro as a dictator on some TV show. That’s not only foolish but incorrect, from the viewpoint of truth and the context of propaganda in which live.

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