A Tapestry of Lies / By Mike Whitney

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The Reagans on the road to the White House in 1980. The reign of one of the foulest demagogues and warmongers of the right was about to begin. Reagan’s hypocrisy knew no bounds and he could sell his poisonous snake oil better than most. 
Harold Pinter to Obama. “The US has supported every right wing military dictatorship in the World since World War II”
4 comments on “A Tapestry of Lies / By Mike Whitney
  1. Best piece I’ve read by the remarkable Mr. Whitney.

    He has broadened his range. While he has written most perceptively about the economic morass of the past year and more, he now demonstrates a fine ear and meter for absolutely justifiable moral outrage.

    Using Nobel prize-winning playwright Harold Pinter’s trenchant words to fuel his own cri de coeur is a master-stroke. Pinter used the power of Art to alert us to the moral decay and rot in America’s/Capitalism’s global empire. He appealed to our highest sensibilities and to our reason and the core of our humanity. Whitney shows that he is more than worthy to carry the great man’s bullhorn–and to speak in his own voice, too.

    I do not really share Mr. Whitney’s optimism about Obama’s ability to “smash the mirror.” One man, however oratorically gifted, cannot turn our Titanic around. Rather, men like Whitney and Pinter–and thousands of other men and women will have to keep sounding the tocsin. There are icebergs ahead. Get the lifeboats ready now!

  2. Obama has done (and said) a few things that sound more encouraging than they should be because of the thirst we operate under in this political drought. But each day that passes confirms Mr. Whitney’s diagnosis that we’re dealing here with a skillful politician looking out—like arch-opportunist Arlen Specter—only for himself. Yes, there are icebergs ahead and we need to hear these analyses often, until some of the main points begin to register with the politically dumb.

  3. Sorry, you don’t know why I CHOSE Obama, so don’t me why, you haven’t spoken to me. And I did select for his enlightened views, and he hasn’t disappointed!!!!!!

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