Urgency of the American Monetary Act | By Richard C. Cook

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On Thursday, April 23, 2009, Stephen Zarlenga, director of the American Monetary Institute (AMI), delivered two briefings on Capitol Hill on the American Monetary Act that AMI drafted and that may be introduced as legislation during the current congressional session. This single measure has the potential of bringing together the tens of millions of people who have realized it’s our bank-run debt-based monetary system that lies at the center of the financial rot that is destroying our republic and its values. [READ FULL ARTICLE]

One comment on “Urgency of the American Monetary Act | By Richard C. Cook
  1. Great article!
    It’s time to WAKE UP AMERICA!
    Never have so many ‘owed’ so much to so few – and for what?
    Money only represents the value of the wealth created by society, so any money system rightly belongs to society. The values for living are created by and belong to society, so the money to enjoy them also belongs to society. Our money system is too important to trust to special interests, and they have shown that they cannot be trusted.
    The policy which directs the money system must represent the public interest, it is a matter of public policy, the responsibility for which rightly resides with representative government. It is up to we the people to demand that our elected politicians truly our representatives, not delegates; we must make them work for us!
    The financial obstacle to genuine democracy is removed by the provisions of the draft American Monetary Act proposed by the American Monetary Institute.

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