A Brief History of Waterboarding

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The torture of waterboarding, then and now

cheneydick-5Originally published by CBC (Canadian network) on November 6, 2006 / Reposted 17 May 2009, as a public service. Cyrano readers should note HOW long this topic has been discussed openly (if sparsely in the American media), and how the ugly truth about US government torture activities has only come to the forefront as a result of recent revelations and the intramural propaganda war between the Obama and Bush camps, which is really far less about principles than about the management of perceptions defining the “Good Empire”. —Eds. •••••••••••••

U.S. VICE-PRESIDENT DICK CHENEY’S RECENT REMARK that dunking prisoners in water is a “no-brainer” upset many people, including President George W. Bush, who wants to please the pro-torture types while pretending that the torture techniques he permits are not, in his opinion, torture, which means the U.S. does not torture, although it does. I will not enter this moral and legal maze. The first of the Geneva Conventions — treaties meant to establish international rules for wartime behaviour — was signed in 1864. The most recent incarnation appeared in 1977. [READ FULL ARTICLE]

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