AMAZING GRACE: The Animal Story

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tara+bella2The inscrutable innocence of animals often gives us lessons in charity and acceptance. So it was with the remarkable “odd couple” formed by Owen and Mzee. (As readers may recall, in December 2004, a frightened young hippo, christened “Owen”, separated from his family by a devastating tsunami, bonded with an Aldabra tortoise named Mzee. The 130 year-old tortoise accepted Owen as his own, and an inseparable bond was forged.  [See full story:] . A similarly moving friendship, also born in adversity, is that of Tarra, a majestic 8,700 pound Asian elephant living now in peace at a Tennessee sanctuary in Hohenwald ( ), and Bella, one of the sanctuary’s rescued strays.  Theirs is as unusual a bond as it is deep.  [Read full story here:]. WATCH THE VIDEO


Once again, we take comfort and inspiration from animals.

Bella (the dog) and Tarra (the great pachyderm) are almost never apart.

The Animal Odd Couple

January 6, 2009 6:33 AM

In this installment of CBS News’ “Assignment America,” Steve Hartman visits an animal sanctuary where a dog and an elephant have formed a very lasting, and unusual, friendship.

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