The Sotomayor hearings are a sham

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July 15, 2009


sotomayorHearingsAs the author points out, the Sotomayor hearings are indeed a sham, and the fraud is being perpetrated courtesy of the malignantly compromised corporate media. In issue after issue, the commercial media continue to show whose interest they really care about.

There is zero chance that she will not be approved. There are zero reasons for her not to be approved.

The Republican Majority is using it to build cred with its dwinding racist base, in the process showing off how sexist, ignorant, hypocritical and intolerant they can be. But what really makes the hearings a sham is the mainstream media’s broadcasting this showing of Right wing abuses of a Latina woman.

We don’t need to see them doing it.


Despite the often hypocritical (or insane) accusations hurled at Sotomayor for her purported “radicalism” and lack of judicial “objectivity”, the nominee has a demonstrated track record of cautious centrism.

They don’t deserve to be given the attention.For an example of hypocrisy, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse nailed the conservatives putting on a show grilling Sotomayor.

For all the talk of “modesty” and “restraint,” the right wing Justices of the Court have a striking record of ignoring precedent, overturning congressional statutes, limiting constitutional protections, and discovering new constitutional rights: the infamous Ledbetter decision, for instance; the Louisville and Seattle integration cases, for example; the first limitation on Roe v. Wade that outright disregards the woman’s health and safety; and the DC Heller decision, discovering a constitutional right to own guns that the Court had not previously noticed in 220 years. Over and over, news reporting discusses “fundamental changes in the law” wrought by the Roberts Court’s right wing flank. The Roberts Court has not lived up to the promises of modesty or humility made when President Bush nominated Justices Roberts and Alito.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C told Sotomayor, “Unless you have a complete meltdown, you’re going to get confirmed.”
I can’t imagine him saying that to a man.

I’ve long felt that a key battle conservatives have been fighting is against the feminine archetype. This manifests itself in many ways, including sexist, even misogynist language.

Let’s hope that as the media enables this right wing attack-fest, where senators are getting incredible opportunities to show off their anti-abortion, pro-gun positions, that the media will also show, in the instant replays, just what neanderthals these white males are.

Author’s Bio:

Rob Kall is executive editor, publisher and site architect of, President of Futurehealth, Inc,inventor . He is also published regularly on the  Publisher of a site where people share their positive experiences and where you can find tips on how to have more and better positive experiences.

5 comments on “The Sotomayor hearings are a sham
  1. Crisis in the heartland: American rulers are in the business of anger management and they have been for a long time. When Roosevelt saw that the survival times for centralized power capitalism were narrowing he started the WPA to provide a minimum of subsistence for out of work men, while the second world war took care of residual anger from oppressed minorities as well as from the white majority, which became replaced and directed against such outside social misfits as the Nazis and the ‘yellow peril’ threat from Japan. Afterwards the Kennedy men recognized that if the racial disparities were not smoothed over, this anger would devolve into a true dislocation of American society, so after the march on Washington, cosmetic laws against discrimination were adopted. The disaffection and anger of American middle class youth were diverted into game playing and containable protests (despite the Kent misadventure and the Chicago convention brouhaha). Human engineering which came to fruition in behaviorism and from such as the conservative Rand philosophy became geared towards the containment of national social discontent, while the expansion of empire and the concentration of power marched on unchallenged. The actor Reagan damped down with his folksiness the resentments remaining from the roll-back in substitute freedoms after the sixties, but the Bush Junior regime strongly tightened the political noose again as long as the going remained good, leaving the burden of appeasement in Obama’s manipulative hands. His status as symbol of a minority was turned to good use with a well-crafted campaign. But if the harsh Bush regime showed hopes for a way out, Obama’s rule having set false horizons may open up a general despair that cannot so easily be suppressed. In this present coldly resentful and harshly competitive society aggressions can be vented in raw violence on the screen and by virtual participation in rough spectator games, or diverted inward as an anxiety caused by not assenting to compliance. And ever more gruesome spectacles on television prepare us for bloody curtailments of revolt should they be necessary for the regime to restrain the centrifugal forces in society, while also serving as symbolic lightning rods for aggressive behavior. Those who cannot contain their roiling anger any longer are being imprisoned in the direst isolation. The state repression of anger is so severe that it has become internalized by the population as a self perpetuating command not to rebel and not to refuse, but it creeps out as lateral hostility in road rage, high school killings and domestic abuse. Both the French and the Russian revolutions came about through the frustration point of public anger being manipulated by a small cadre of radical intellectuals, which then made the melting pot of anger boil over into a violent reaction to oppression. The restraints of outward meekness with the internalized anger of the American public are slowly being eroded when ‘soft’ repressions of anger by the regime fail to work any longer. Who knows, a second American revolution may be in the works (the first one was really a revolt only) and it could well arrive fairly soon.

  2. Hooray for writer Pavmentov! He’s dead on on all of these issues of masterful cooptation we witness and experience, 24/7, thanks to the pervasiveness of the prostituted media, and which define the American stye of “governance”. Obama, as some radicals warned early on, is the ruling orders’ best possible bandaid for the serious diseases afflicting this society.

    Thanks for posting such a great comment.

  3. What would Rob Kall have the media do? Not show the hearings? The hearings reveal for all to see and hear who have ears to hear and eyes to see the perverse nature of the Melting Pot paradigm that rules ethno-racial relations in this country.

    Sotomayor is the perfect Supreme Court Justice from the point of view of the Judeo-Anglo-Saxon financial oligarchy. From a lower class background, intellectually brilliant and self-identified as a “person of color” she is the perfect agent of the status quo.

    Once in office she will re-enforce that degrading status quo, that white/non-white caste system that oppresses Hispanics and “people of color” and subjects Spanish Americans to a culturally genocidal dynamic.

  4. Of course the hearings are a sham. But why not? This entire country is a sham. Only a nation of slaves and idiots would tolerate nine robed quacks having the last say on what the CONstitution means.

    In fact, the job of the SCOTUS is not to interpret that document; it is to interpret THE LAW. Maybe if those four pages of parchment were written in Farsi or Sanskrit, they might need interpreting; however, they’re written in plain English. The fact that so many people in this country can’t see through this entire farce is mind-numbing.

    The federal government needs to be completely abolished, and/or every state should immediately declare its independence from DC, while confiscating every military installation, including weaponry, within their borders. They paid for them, didn’t they?

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