US Escalates War Plans In Latin America

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US Military: After Iraq, Latin America

By Rick Rozoff

colmbia.aUribeMany observers have noted that, with the empire’s troops relatively overextended, the Iraq and Afghan Wars have given Latin America’s social change activists and leaders a respite from Washington’s customary reactionary interventions.  But with the possible winding down of conflict in Iraq, and the mounting irritation with Venezuela’s president Hugo Chavez, the corporate-militarists are sure to retrain their eyes on the region once again, to the detriment of millions.  The Honduras coup was a down payment in that regard, an effort to callously turn the tide of populism boiling over south of the border, but much more is in the offing, wrapped up in the same old hypocritical and sanctimonious statements, and, if necessary, at the cost of outright provocations. As usual, we can all count on the American media to deliver the requisite level of disinformation. Tonkin Gulf, anyone?—Eds  [READ FULL ARTICLE]

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