Some remarks on the present world disorder during Obama-time.

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Reading a report on Reuters News, it seems that the Transocean oil drilling company involved in the oil spill in the Mexican Gulf will pay out quickly $ 1 billion to its big shareholders before the threat of being sued for damagers will come about while they already prepared themselves against claims by trying to get protection under the 1851 Limitation of Liability Law (used apparently by the owners of the Titanic to avoid having to pay out families of the dead and the survivors).

That is true capitalism and not only that but British Petroleum, a foreign owned international oil company is the largest energy supplier for the Pentagon (at about 12%) according to the Wall Street Journal. It stands to reason that the government will give BP all the leeway it needs for trying to salvage as much as they can of their public image, because the country is engaged in expensive wars and cannot afford to have their energy supplies curtailed.

The policies dovetail neatly like with the large predator bankers, through which the government guarantees investments of foreign investors, and the reason why some of the bail-out funds were diverted abroad (an exact accounting was never provided). To lay persons who are part of the supporting masses, this is too intricate a maneuver and deluded by the so-called omniscient media it may not become clearer to them.

The attack by the Israeli naval forces on the convoy of relief for the Gaza region appears on closer examination to be also reprisal for the Turkish plan (with Brazil) to alleviate the Iranian nuclear dilemma, which country so far has not shown to form any increase in nuclear arming activities. The tension between Turkey and Israel would of course play nicely in weakening any Iranian influence in the near Asian regions because destabilizing international relations is an effective but dangerous game to pursue for an outsider neo-colonialist power that wishes to impose contained antagonisms.

It also diverts international attention away from the real economic crisis threatening Europe with dire consequences in the US. And it is hoped that the rise in worker’s wages in China will force up the prices of their export products, slowing their economy. In the meanwhile much noise is being made over legal recourses from the British Petroleum oil spill, which will serve to weaken competition on acquiring oil leases for American oil companies.
GUI ROCHAT is a senior contributing editor with The Greanville Post and Cyrano’s Journal Online.

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