BILL MAHER: “All jobs are NOT sacred”

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Editor’sNote: During his show’s season finale last week (6.11.10 -HBO Realtime with Bill Maher) comedian and political satirist Bill Maher took on one of the biggest sacred cows in the land: jobs. Maher was apparently incensed by the many voices—David Vitter, Bobby Jindal, Mary Landrieu, Haley Barbour, Joe Barton, and many other political vermin in the pay of the oil industry— already crying for a resumption of offshore drilling while the ecocide of the Gulf is still unfolding with no end in sight. Maher is right, of course.  Not only as regards this specific instance of criminal human selfishness over the survival of the living planet itself, including the well being of many other species—which should be obvious to all but the most corrupt, insensitive, or stupid—but in many other instances as well, like the clubbing of baby seals in Canada, a brutal anachronism defended by politicians and locals in the name of, well you guessed it, jobs.  Whatever arguments these folks may rustle up to defend their position, the fact remains that mass industry devoid of a moral compass has been killing the earth and its non-human species with relative impunity for a very long time.  BP’s Gulf of Mexico oil disaster is so huge and eloquent in its monstrosity that it has provided environmentalists and animal defenders a mighty platform to plead their case. The problem is especially acute under conditions of “free enterprise” or general libertarianism, which is also committed to endless and aggressive growth, an insane dynamic considering the finitude of the planet we inhabit. —P. Greanville.
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BILL MAHER: New rule – stop talking about jobs being lost in a murderous, hateful industry like it’s a bad thing. Now, last week I may have hurt a few feelings when my response to the complaint that jobs will be lost in the offshore drilling business was, “Fuck your jobs.” But I meant it. And it goes double for burning coal and chopping down redwoods. Sorry, roughnecks, but eventually you’re going to have to find something else to do. Try building windmills. You know what happens when windmills collapse into the sea? A splash. You know, it’s Washington gospel that jobs in the private sector are better than government jobs. You even hear Democrats saying it. But oil jobs are private, and look at the toll this industry takes: cooking the planet; enslaving us to Saudi Arabia; killing animals. If the government hired away all the 58,000 oil workers who work now in the state of Louisiana, and paid them their same salary to work repairing infrastructure and building solar panels, it would cost us $5.5 billion which the Pentagon loses every day in the couch. Wouldn’t that be worth it? Is working on an oil rig really that great a job anyway? You spend weeks at a time on a floating well in the ocean. Do you want to avoid your family that bad, take up golf. Yes, the oil industry creates jobs – so does the kiddie porn industry…”
3 comments on “BILL MAHER: “All jobs are NOT sacred”
  1. Maher is right but he does not go far enough. To hell with all jobs. Working “for a living” has produced all manner of m oral and social obscenities.

    Why must we pay to live on the planet we are born on?

  2. Maher may be Right (he is..) but we dont need to hear it from a multi millionaire , LA “comedian”, who sucks up to Democrats every chance he gets. Maher has become decidedly smug and , when all fails, throws out the “marijuana laugh”, a childish sex joke (which is becoming as unappealing as his old age hard on), a rant on omnivores (he only buys stuff that Michael Pallen would approve of–but he can afford it), or, his fav, religion (yes, Im an atheist, but, its just too cute by half, now, Bill). Sorry. I think he’s full of shit these days.
    If he’s so intelligent, why is he still a Democrat?

  3. Kyle you got a point. Maher is quite full of himself, and, besides, he’s got a huge blindspot when it comes to Israel, which he defends with almost arrogant abandon (his arguments are actually quite stupid). BUT, here’s the big but. He’s in front of millions, and his messages have become almost uniformly left, often way to the left of DNC-type politicians. Liberalism in any of its forms is not to be trusted and surely won’t make revolution overnight, or ever, but in a political desert such as we have in the US it’s beneficial to have someone at least consistently left-wing. Maybe something will stick on the wall.

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