Some of the whores the oil lobby buys–earth killers all

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Power Without Petroleum

Elected Officials Bought Off by the Oil and Gas Lobby:
– Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) has taken $363,950
– Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) has taken more than $200,000
– Gov. Haley Barbour (R-MS) has taken $1.8 million
– Rudy Giuliani (R-NY) has taken $609,358
– Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) has taken $385,500
Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) has taken $1,448,380
– Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) has taken $426,989
– Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) has taken $16.7 million
– The 2008 McCain/Palin campaign took $2.4 million
Check Out How Much BP has been spending:
– In 2009, BP’s Lobby spent $16 million
– In the first quarter of 2010, BP’s Lobby spent $3.5 million
The entire Oil & Gas Lobby:
– In 2009, the entire Oil & Gas Lobby spent $174 MILLION
PHOTO: Exhausted, oil-soaked Brown Pelican holds on to boom.

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Cynthia Middleton We need lobbying reform, clearly. While the ability to lobby is one of the things that is supposed to make our government more democratic, clearly there is a major lack of balance here. Sure, I can go talk to my senator about my thoughts on legislation….if I have the time, if I can get the information, if…, if…., if….. But the large companies have divisions PAID to have time, and given a specific agenda, to talk to any and all of the congressmen that they deem necessary. Furthermore, they can back up their desires with cold, hard cash or things of great value.
So here’s my proposal for lobbying reform: make it illegal to be paid to lobby. Oh, sure, there will be ways around it: “I’m not being paid to lobby. I’m paid to be Mr. Doe’s secretary. This was what he told me to do in my secretarial duties.” or somesuch. But something’s gotta give.
There are other industries that put as much or more into lobbying each year. And, guess what, they do just as much harm.
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Kimberlie Fielding If you dont have your own funds to become a politician, you should not be in politics. This and the insurance companies make me sick. NO MORE BRIBES! How do we stop it? I am game!!!!
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Cynthia Middleton Yeah, and that’s part of the problem: you have to be wealthy to be elected. So, it’s all the government that money can buy. The oil companies, the insurance companies, the drug companies, the chemical companies all spend millions paying our congressmen to determine what bills will pass and it’s costing us our world and our health. They’re very savvy about who to pay, and where to place people. The drug companies buy slots on the FDA for their own “previous” employees, the chemical companies do the same with the EPA…..personally, I wonder what happened to the concept of “conflict of interest”.  On the good side, that (conflict of interest) has put most of the judges available for putting BP on trial out of the picture. Bad news: I don’t know that they’ve found a judge that does not have some kind of relationship with that particular oil company.
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Gina Moser Funny that you left off the money that Obama took, the brother of John Podesta the lobbyist for BP. Jamie Gorelick another lobbyists and plenty of other democrapic lobbyists. Yeah, you try your darnest to make this a republican issue and leave out the others. People aren’t as dumb as you hacks think they are. You also failed to mention that the Obama admin signed off on the safety of BP’s 700+ safety issues before the spill and the fact that this same administration was going to give them a SAFETY AWARD this year after knowing about the 700+ safety issues. Yeah, I guess I’d try to pile this on the backs of the republicans to cover your corrupt George Soros asses.
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Cynthia Middleton I never made it a republican issue; I made it a politician issue (personally). But I have a name for them: the Repugnant party and the Dimwit party, and those names are interchangeable. I think we all know the list up there is incomplete (has to be–there are only 9/10 names listed. In fact, there was no mention of party at all, so you’re a bit out of line pointing fingers, I think. The entire question is not on which party to lay blame, but how to fix it, especially since the people in power have a vested interest (namely large under-the-table paychecks) in keeping it the way it is.
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Karin Baerwald Johnson The crux of many of this nation’s problems is the money in Washington influencing congress. A great organization working toward change is They are promoting the FAIR ELECTIONS NOW ACT. For a summary of the bill, go to : This act would get rid ofsome of the disproportionate influence that BIG OIL & BIG BUSINESS have over our elected officials.
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Cynthia Middleton @Karin: Thank you for this information. It’s certainly a good start–limiting private donations to $100 or less would definitely slow them down. I hope this passes.
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Mary Ann Michaels The Bloggers and Media have to keep shinning the light on all of these politicians..regardless of party….and I know Obama can’t take the low road…but I will. So Sarah how’s that Drill Baby Drill working for ya….and one more thing…the first cars built were ELECTRIC….so for all of those who want to return to the way things use to be….let’s start with the electric car, buses, trucks
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Dan Schumacher Conveniently omits the fact that Obama has received $77,051 (not from the entire Oil and Gas lobby but from BP alone)
Why do they omit this? I’m sure he received much more from the entire lobby. NOT telling the whole story here, why not?
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Juanita Dolores Bocanegra Kobish This could be worse than we think. Richard Hoagland is a scientist who has been a long term critic of secrecy and fraud at NASA. In this interview, Hoagland talks about the discovery of a massive gas bubble associated with the BP well. Have I verified this information? No.
What I do know is this:
1. The mainstream new media is focusing on the leak at the drill site and ignoring the oil-leaking fissures surrounding the drill site.
2. They’re also ignoring the presence of vast quantities of toxic gas that are being released along with the crude oil.
This is the link;
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Richard Winter Yeah, I’m a liberal, AND agree with the goal of this site, but not the tactic. To be fair, President Obama is reported to have “accepted more than $213,000 in contributions from individuals who work for, or whose spouses work for, companies in the oil and gas industry, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.”
Also, since the Tillman Act of 1907, NO politician has been able to receive donations DIRECTLY from a corporation. Although we all know how THAT get circumvented. I appreciate where you want to go with this, but it lacks proper perspective. There’s a lot more to add to that list from EVERYONE’S political back yard.
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Mary Ann Michaels Landrieu is a Democrat and 77K compared to 2.4M who do you think the Oil Industry and BP were betting on….the money tells me it was the “Drill Baby Drill” party. I want BP to be successful, so that they remain viable and clean up this Drill Baby Drill mess and so that our good american citizens in the gulf area are made whole…not like our Alaskan neighbors who had to wait 20 years for the final settlement that was just distributed last month….and many of those Fishermen and their industry have never recovered. If I have a choice I will fill up my car with BP Oil.
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Chuck Fulks i agree with dan! no sense in pointing the finger a few select politicians. the FACT is that ALL of our politicians in washington are part of a corrupt system. therefore, ALL of our politicians are nothing more than corporate pawns/crooks!
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Mary Ann Michaels I think we should keep the finger pointing at the corrupt politicians, Judges, Inspector’s. I would like to see the Engineers who were on that rig and made the decisions to override the safety engineering….forget about Hayward…he is a Corporate Ass…get those guys from all three of the companies involved….there is where the criminal liability lies…then go up the chain….the weak link is below the money belt of these Corporations.
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Gina Moser Mary Ann,
The drill baby drill party is not [in] control of the White House, the Senate or the Congress, the Scam baby Scam party is. Obama was going to drill, his own words until the oil spill, it’s almost like he knew something would stop it. The one to benefit the most from this is cap and trade is George Soros and his progressive scamming groups. BP was in cohoots with Enron, they wanted cap and trade then, Obama funded the Chicago Climate Exchange through the Joyce Foundation (George Soros) Franklin Raines bought the technology via Fanny and Freddie Mac for Cap and Trade. What does Freddie and Fannie have to do with Cap and Trade? Freddie and Fannie will be the money laundering scheme for Cap and Trade, Soros, Gore. Soros stands to benefit the most from the oil moratorium Oscama is putting in place. The oil rigs will go to Brazil, where Soros own millions of shares of their oil producing company. Obama is not the president, Soros is. You want electric cars, lol What do you think supplies the enegy for electricity? You’re a useful idiot and will become a useless idiot. People are going to die, animals are going to die, your water supply is going to die and Rome burns while the idiots blame the republicans for this and Obama plays golf, goes on vacations and hosts concerts in his honor. Sick.
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Gina Moser lol Waxman. What a joke.
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Vernon Huffman We’re bicycling from San Francisco to Washington, DC between 24-July and 22-Sept, 2010, without motorized support. Cynthia McKinney, six term Member of Congress and 2008 Green Party nominee for President, is riding. The ride will demonstrate the bicycle as a transformational tool to solve the problems of Climate Change, Oil Wars, the Health Crisis, and the Economic Crunch. Along the way, riders will facilitate community discussions around the question “How can we support each other to live true to our best values?” We’re now learning more people plan to converge with us in Washington, DC, for World Car-Free Day. Malik Rahim, co-founder of Common Ground will be riding up with a group from New Orleans and Atlanta. Others will ride from Seattle/Portland, Boston/New York, and Toronto/Detroit/Boston. Lots of folks will ride in from Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware or bring their bike by mass transit to meet at the Capitol 10:00 AM on Wed-22-Sept,2010. How will YOU get there?

Our route, schedule, and discussion group are open to anybody with a free Google account. Please join us. If you would like to bicycle all or part of the route, plan a convergence ride, or host riders passing through your community, please e-mail Please forward this and re-post to others who might be interested.
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Julian T. Reid III Politics is drama for the unintelligent. I specifically remember Obama turning down money from major corporations, but since that was in the news more than two weeks ago I’m sure that most of you don’t remember it. The one thing that both the Democrats and the Republicans seem to agree on is that they would like to put the Constitution in a paper shredder. The solutions are simple: a little logic, or an actual I.Q., could quickly solve all of these problems and make even more money. If the oil companies really want to get rich, they could hire me to fix their problems. They’d start investing in other power sources, clean up the environment and clean up at the bank. But the plain fact is that, unless we stop corporations from lobbying and restrict it to ordinary citizens and non profit organizations such as the NSS (National Space Society), the Audubon Society and Habitat for Humanity. They’re just examples. Please remember that President Obama is not a liberal, but rather he is slightly right of moderate. What I am sick of is the fact that right-wing, left-wing or moderate, it’s all about politics and not finding real solutions to the problems that face this world. Pardon my language, but I’m just a Georgia hillbilly, and I’m tired of this country being run by people who don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground, couldn’t hold down a real job even at “McDonald’s”, and have no idea what they’re even voting for. I was raised to believe you don’t sign anything you haven’t read, but our congressmen do it every day. When it comes right down to it, if you want to represent me, you sure as hell better sell all your stock, work a job doing manual labor for a year and live off the income, and read every goddamn piece of paper you put your pen to. It would also help if you know that Hawaii is a state, and that the sun does not go around the earth.

In 1978, NASA offered to put up 5 solar powered satellites to beam power to the earth, 3 of which would have been enough to supply all the electricity the United States used through the year 2000. They had already done environmental impact studies showing that it was not only safe, but that crops could be grown under the receiving stations. They had done tests proving they could beam the power with a 90% efficiency, meaning that there was only a 10% power loss in transmission. There’s more power lost in the electric lines than that. Each power satellite would cost $13 million to build, put in orbit, and build a ground station using unskilled labor. To put that in perspective, that was the expense of building Six Flags Over Georgia or one hydroelectric dam, and a tiny fraction of the cost of Plant Vogel and other nuclear power plants. Oh, yes, and it relied on STEAM power. Steam powered turbines. Proven technology 2 centuries ago. One of the first things done when Ronald Reagan got into office supplied by huge corporate donations was cancel the research project Jimmy Carter had started that was showing a huge reduction in traffic deaths through the use of improved driver’s ed. in schools. One of the other things he did was declare that this technology was not practical, slash NASA’s budget and replace all the people who were running it, and remove the tax credit for moving to any kind of solar power. Jimmy Carter lost his corporate support for trying to make America less dependent on imported oil.

I will leave you with the following quote: “There is only one native criminal class in America–Congress.” — Mark Twain.

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