NASA scientist confirms global warming is real

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KEITH OLBERMANN recently interviewed Jay Zwally (8.8.10), with NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Research Center, who confirmed global warming is not only happening, and fast, but that it’s undoubtedly caused by irresponsible human activities harming man, animals, and nature itself. Biggest contributors to Earth’s warming:

(1) Meat production (factory farming and ranching of cows, pigs, chickens, and other creatures). Meat production outstrips all forms of human transport in terms of greenhouse gas output;

(2) A global economy still using oil and coal as their chief energy sources.

Saving the planet—and ourselves—no hyperbole here, won’t be easy, but it’s clearly not going to happen as long as we remain complacent (or adamantly close-minded) about this issue, and continue to put our trust on transparently corrupt politicians and cheap demagogs.

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