Bloodbath; The USA Repudiates Obama, Emanuel, Bluedogs, The DLC, DNC, Pelosi, Reid, Dodd… Good Riddance!

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The American people have spoken. They “rightly” repudiated failed leaders, corporate cronies and arrogant centralized, top-down politics. 
By Rob Kall | November 3, 2010 [print_link]
Let’s start with President Obama. He betrayed voters before his inauguration, appointing a team of Clintonites and banksters. That set the tone, sent a signal that made it clear he was not going the president for change. 
     By appointing Rahm Emanuel, who hated the man who’d architected the Democratic party’s 50 state strategy that produced such success in 2006 and 2008, Obama set the Democratic party back decades– six to be precise. It’s been over 60 years since there was such a congressional bloodbath. But Rahm Emanuel played a role in the bloodbath even before Obama was president. He was the DCCC chair who fought incoming progressives, funding bluedogs in primaries– funding anti-women’s rights Democratic anti-abortion candidates who opposed choice. Note to Democrats. You lost your female advantage this time around. There’s a reason. Obama unleashed Emanuel to show his contempt for progressives. Believe me, they did not show up to get out the vote like they did in 2006 or 2008. It wasn’t that progressives were whining as Joe Biden insultingly remarked. They were stabbed in the back and insulted and lied to. 
Obama deserves to be primaried and replaced. He has failed as a leader in so many ways– horrible appointees, weak, inadequate responses to crises, inability to handle the military. It is not a matter of giving him enough time. He failed to deliver on his campaign promises, not just the issue or action kinds, but most important, as a leader. He has shown himself to be weak, innefective, with poor judgments and inadequate strength to do the job. Nice guy– it would surely be fun to have a beer with him, but that’s true of George W. Bush too. 
     Corporatists Democrats– Almost all the elected Democrats sold out their constituents and America to lobbyists, to corporations. Watching Chris Dodd pretend he was trying to protect main street would have been entertaining if it wasn’t so disgusting. Watching the Obama Whitehouse sabotage real reform, like auditing the Fed, produced a sense of outrage for me… and clearly, not me alone. We have this bloodbath to show for it. People DO hold Obama accountable. They do hold the Democratic party, that returned to its centralized, top-down ways, selling out main street for wall street, Big Pharma and Big energy. 
     The Bluedogs were massively repudiated. Half-assed Democrats who tried to evade the teaparty tsunami by pretending to be Republicans discovered as we all know, that a Real Republican will beat at DINO who acts like a republican every time. The Huffingtonpost reports that half of the 46 blue dogs in the house lost last night. Good riddance. I call them “the Rahm repudiation.” Emanuel set this fall up. 
     The DLC– the Democratic Leadership Council– is Clinton-land. It’s a powerhouse that tries to push the Democrats to the right, so they look more like Republicans. When you talk about the DLC you’re talking about the Clintons and they had a role in the bloodbath too. The US has lost millions of jobs because Bill Clinton signed off on the US joining the World Trade Organization and NAFTA. We did hear and suffer that great sucking sound of jobs leaving the nation that Ross Perot described in 1992. The DLC is a major enemy of progressives. Whoever they endorse is going to be a blue dog, Rahm Emanuel type. 
     Nancy Pelosi Pelosi’s impeachment off the table set a pattern that the house and the White House followed of not holding criminals accountable. If the house had spent more time investigating war crimes and DOJ prosecutorial misconduct instead of passing legislation that the senate never got to the situation might have been very, very different. Pelosi betrayed American justice. That’s a big deal. Now she’s lost her job. There’s talk she’ll be retiring. Good riddance. 
     Harry Reid Reid gave a detailed explanation why fillibusters were so hard to deal with. Problem is, he knew that from the previous congress and he could have changed the rules at the beginning of the current one. He didn’t He could have met with the bluedog senators and worked with them to identify legislation that they WOULD pass, so, when Al Franken won his election, finally, Reid should have had a pile of resolutions ready to go that were pre-approved by 60 senators. 
     Chris Dodd As head of the finance committee Dodd was so transparently protective of the finance industry it was enough to make you puke, and better, enough to destroy his chances for re-election. But he was a figurehead for the Democrats who represented their failure to protect main street. Good riddance.
…etc.There are others to blame– the mainstream corpstream media, we the people who go to see Jon Stewart for three hours instead of engaging in real protests like the millions of French who went to the streets to protest the rise in retirement age… 
     What next? This article discusses who to blame. We DO need to think about that, but it is not enough. We need to find new leaders and pay them, leaders who are strong, principled populists. I’d start looking towards Russ Feingold and Alan Grayson. Also, we can be sure that people blaming progressives for the loss will be coming out of the woodwork. That’s a crock and such accusations should not be allowed to stand.
     Today’s a bad day. We’re feeling lousy. We’ve been here before in one way or another. We have to suck it up and get back to work. At least the house cleaning– 23 blue dogs cleaned out– has been done. Now, we need to develop the progressive infrastructure and leadership to take back America.
Author’s Bio:
Rob Kall is executive editor, publisher and site architect of, Host of the Rob Kall Bottom Up Radio Show (WNJC 1360 AM), President ofFuturehealth, Inc, inventor . He is also published regularly on the


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  1. Funny guy Kall. Such a mindless booster for the Hope and Change Messiah before the elections. Going so far as to ban from his site all who questioned his mediocre political analysis at the time.

    This whole article is CROW for Kall, now that he’s sqealing about the very things I and others warned him against.

    Hind site is worthless in this game…everybody has that much.


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