Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin

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By Gui Rochat

The wholly owned subsidiary of the US military, the Egyptian army has asserted openly its command in Egypt after letting Mubarak leave by saving face, allowing him the last feeble speech asserting his lost power. Nothing has factually changed in Egypt except the outward appearance of authority. The overall grip that the army holds over Egypt has not loosened one bit but has only been shifted to some less disputed figureheads.

The Western and possibly Near Eastern media will hail this event as liberation. It is not, but it will take some time to be grasped by the masses that rejoiced in the main square of Cairo. The army which is itself a purely hierarchical and undemocratic entity will not be
conducive to setting up a true democratic system. On the contrary, it understands only a
firm line of command independent of what the common soldiers and citizens would want.

Nevertheless all the publicity about this event glorifying in the supposed freedom of the Egyptian people will have important consequences. The fact by itself of having been able to topple a military dictator will give courage to those who suffer under other dictators in the Near East and elsewhere and it shows that peaceful mass defections and strikes do have an effect because it lames the venues for an authoritarian regime.

It also shows that the strict system of economic and military dominance of the US is now unraveling slowly but surely and that fear of retaliation has become redundant. Of course the US will bring things back to ‘normal’, but normal they will never be again. It may not penetrate the numbskulls in charge and the media will keep trumpeting Pax Americana with increased vigor, but doomed it is.

GUI ROCHAT is Cyrano’s Journal’s Associate Editor.

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