Walker – the Duplicitous Billionaire Puppet

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By Rowan Wolf

KochWalker.jpgIf there were any doubts about where Wisconsin Governor was coming from, there is none after the phone conversation between Walker and Ian Murphy of the The Buffalo Beast. Murphy pretended to be David Koch of the Koch Industries, and had an amazing conversation with Scott Walker.
There is no doubt about who Walker serves – and those interests want the unions dead. This is the Republican plan for America. Wisconsin is just part of the attack as it is occurring in states across the country.


Part one of the interview (Koch Whore: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker)



Part two of the interview (Koch Whore: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, part 2 )


Thom Hartmann also had an interesting discussion regarding the Murphy interview



Push back. Spread the word.
There are rallies being scheduled across the country on Saturday.
Finda a Rally near you.

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