As Unions Shrink So Goes the Fate of the Middle Class

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By Rowan Wolf

Kudos to Ed Schultz for putting together a terrific report on the plan to destroy the middle class in the United States. Working with data from the Economic Policy Institute report , the Center for American Progress overlayed the share of houselhold income.

It has long been the conservative Republican plan to squash the political opposition of the people and to place all power within the hands of the corporations and the very wealthy. The last real organized bastion against that are the public employees unions. This is why the full on attack on unions in Wisconsin and across the country are extremely important. With the unions gone there is effectively no worker or public voice left to compete against the corporations. This is reinforced by the quote from Karl Rove highlighted in the Schultz broadcast as well.

Quote from Karl Rove:

They lost 612,000 union members in 2010 alone and think about it, every one of those 612,000 people had perhaps several hundreds of dollars going into the political covers of their unions to spend on candidate, and so if you have a half a million people leaving every year, you will have a crimp in the political budgets of the union and it will have a direct effect on the presidential election.

So watch the video and share it if you feel it is important for all of us to stand up against the takeover of our government and our nation by forces that care not at all for the health and conditions of the people of this nation.

Clip from The Ed Show on 3/03/11 Middle Class Fate Tied to Unions.

As Union Membership Decreases, Middle Class Income Shrinks

If you still have any doubts, then look at this interactive chart from The State of working America. From 1969 to 2008, 100 percent of income growth went to the top 10% of the population.

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