The “Liberal” Media

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By Rowan Wolf

MSNBC apparently has set itself out to capture the “progressives” ¬†market in the corporate media. Thus, they have raided the “Air America” cast and some print media (like The Nation) thereby pulling them into the “mainstream.” ¬†While some were barely left of center to start with (say Ed Schultz who has actually moved further left since he started), others were actually strong progressive (but not true left) voices such as Rachel Maddow. In the move, it appears that MSNBC is trying to create the impression of having a “progressive” component while it sets about neutering those voices.

Whether for pure profit, or some larger plan to pull the progressive movement into heel, I do not know, but I fear that is the final effect. Hence, we have The Nation which has at least been newsworthy sucked increasingly into the neuter stew – while on the other end AOL swallowed up the Huffington Post with dubious results so far.

Patrice Greanville of The Greanville Post is capturing these phenomena in his “Stenographers to power” series. These are “short takes” that manage to say plenty in a few sentences attached to the “evidence”. I highly recommend them.

1- Why you can’t (and shouldn’t) trust liberals -> ED SCHULTZ.

2- Why you can’t (and shouldn’t) trust liberals -> ED SCHULTZ: “Dems tough”

3- Why you can’t (and shouldn’t) trust liberals ->Lawrence O’Donnell

4 – Why you can’t (and shouldn’t) trust liberals ->Chris Matthews

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