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2013By Rowan Wolf

We have arrived at 2013. It seems an odd number somehow, but not an inauspicious one.

We start 2013 with the U.S. falling over a fictitious and manufactured cliff. The plan at this point is to apparently turn one big “cliff” into a series of miniature cliffs where we can go through this drama about every six weeks – no I am not kidding. Perhaps this is to make the landing at the bottom easier. Or perhaps it is to maintain some drama to take people’s minds off the fact that the oligarchs will continue to rake in their prizes from the blood of the masses.

The climate will continue its spiral while the U.S. and China, and the oil companies debate over putting on a show or outright doing nothing to change direction. Unlike the fiscal cliff, the climate cliff is quite real and we may have already dove off the edge. There will be no turning global warming (climate chaos) into a “soft” landing. Instead, there is military positioning to control the Arctic.

Europe, like the U.S., continues its economic funk. Clearly none of the monopoly capitalists are ready to release their hold on the planet, and the people have not threatened enough to even get crumbs from the table. Will the Occupy Movement, or its successor, successfully sweep the planet in this coming year? It remains to be seen if the world will succumb to fear and swing hard right into even more rigid religious and ideological fundamentalism, or whether righteous rage will win out with a swing left (I have little hope of hard left) an a reclaiming of some of the wealth and resources of the planet.

Thirteen has always been a good number for me, so aside from the generally grim outlook it may be that positive movement occurs this year.

At the base of an shift must be a change in thinking and valuing. Manufactured disaster – as with the global economy and the “fiscal cliff” – create very real disasters in the lives of people and nations. The soulless chase for profit and power can trickle down to a self-centered struggle for either “success” or survival depending on one’s stratum placement. Those with no voice, the poor, the animals, and the planet itself, bear the brunt of the pain and destruction. This is why a revaluing must occur. Otherwise, we simply rearrange the deck chairs on the proverbial Titanic. If we keep the same mentality and simply redistribute wealth, in less than a generation we will be in the same place. It could be far less as the planetary resources and capacity are at their limits.

In the end 2013, like every year that preceded it, is in our collective hands. If enough of us can lift together we can create miracles.

On a personal level, may the coming year exceed your highest expectations.



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