One Picture Captures the Tragedy

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There is a tremendous irony when a child can make a statement that our vaunted leaders, and others who feel the sword is the appropriate way to make a statement.


Martin Richard was killed by the bomb at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

Picture is from facebook.

No more hurting people. Peace.

An eight year old peace activist leaves the planet.

4 comments on “One Picture Captures the Tragedy
  1. “For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love.” Pythagoras, philosopher and mathematician

    This poor child has been taught that hurting humans is wrong, but in a Christian nation, he has also been taught by dominion, that hurting and killing animals is OK.

    The three semitic religions all sanctify slaughter. It is no wonder they have been in internecine slaughter for thousands of years. They are hurting humans because they have failed to establish a strong foundation of compassion, based on respect for the lives of humans and animals.

    “No society that feeds its children on tales of
    successful violence can expect them not to believe that
    violence in the end is rewarded” Margaret Mead

  2. I would agree that in our culture cruelty has many “acceptable” forms, not the least of which is the brutality to the community of life.

    We are also a culture that teaches that violence – even random violence – is an appropriate way to deal with conflict – particularly if there is an injury involved.

  3. The point is that once violence to animals is established as the baseline, it easily escalates up the dominion hierarchy to humans.

    The Jain religion of India, with the concept of ahimsa, does includes all living beings: animals and humans in the circle of compassion. With ahimsa equal and unconditional compassion is granted to animals. Notably the Jain community has not fallen prey to the holy wars of the dominion religions.

    Ahimsa has understood that once violence is tolerated, it is rarely contained. There is much to be said for establishing ahimsa as a paradigm for compassion, to replace the brutal message of dominion.

  4. I understood your point, but thank you for elaborating.

    Thank you for bringing up the Jain. I hope they continue to not be targeted.

    It is my understanding that Buddhists have a similar concept. Unfortunately, that did (does) not stop China from conquest.

    History seems to indicate that if a people have something that is considered of value at some point by the forces of conquest and control.

    I agree (from what you have said) that ahimsa is a concept that offers new and perhaps better paradigm. I will have to look into the Jain and ahimsa.

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