Massive Destruction from Typhoon Haiyan – 10,000 estimated dead

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PhilippinesHaiyanBy Rowan Wolf.

[Photo: Destruction in Tacloban Phillipines from Haiyan – AFP Raul Banias – from Channel News Asia.]

The death and destruction from the strongest storm in recorded history continues to be revealed. A report from Manuel Mogato and Rolling of Reuters says the estimates are now (11/9) 10,000 dead. Many survivors are cutoff and are said to be roaming the streets “like zombies” looking for food. Aid is arriving across the 39 provinces worst hit by Haiyan, but not surprisingly there is wide spread looting and mobbing of relief supplies when they are being distributed.

Clearly, help is needed here. Below are some of the organizations providing emergency relief to which you can donate:

Philippine Red Cross

World Food Program


Red Cross


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