Microsoft using petition site to attack Google

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OutlookAfterGoogleCare2By Rowan Wolf

I sometimes frequent sites such as the petition site Care2  and others like them.  These sites have become popular ways for people to collectively lobby government and business. They sometimes become effective, full scale campaigns.

These sites generally take you to another petition once you have completed the one you are on. I think you could spend hours just signing petitions. That is how I found Microsoft’s petition against Google – Tell Google to stop going through your email to sell ads. They have a “goal” of 225,000 signatures, and are almost there at 223,383. I have to wonder how many people realized they are being used by Microsoft to go after a competitor. I have to wonder that Microsoft doesn’t collect similar data for similar reasons.

I am actually quite offended that major corporations would use social voice and change oriented sites as a way of smearing their competitors and mobilizing “the public” against those competitors – and for free!

On the other hand, perhaps we have gained an important piece of information. Namely, that if you want a major corporation to “hear you” using social media, then you need to have at least 225,000 signatures. Of course, that may be totally bogus with the real campaign being making people angry at google so that they go searching for another email provider (Outlook perhaps?)

My response to Microsoft? Shame on you. While my opinion was already very low of MS, it has dropped even further. Yet another slimy business practice from Microsoft, Inc.

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