What IS the Purpose of the NSA?

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By Rowan Wolf, Editor in Chief

On Friday January 17, 2014, the reports rolled out about Obama’s speech on the “data gathering” of the NSA. While watching Andrea Mitchell’s report on the NBC Nightly News (Jan. 17, 2014), there was a clip of Michael Hayden – former director of both the CIA and NSA.

The quote states:
“We aren’t out there hoovering everything in the universe up for some prurient interest. We are gathering data to make America more profitable for commercial enterprises.”

Indeed! I never expected such honesty – intended or not. Hayden also helps put into context Obama’s decision to essentially place all of the data gathered by the NSA into corporate hands for “storage.” That is certainly more profitable for commercial enterprises given the billions we have already spent creating storage space for the massive amount of data generated. One would have thought that just paying those commercial enterprises to build and equip those facilities for the NSA to store the “hoovering” would have been lucrative enough. It also takes the “middle man” (aka the NSA) out of picture by placing all of that data directly into the intended corporate hands. Profitable for sure.

Good grief. What have we come to?

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