Keith Olbermann reports on the Sochi dog strays nightmare

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SochiDogs-OlbermannPatrice Greanville, Publisher of Cyrano’s Journal Today. Editorial, from The Greanville Post.

[Keith Olbermann rightfully denouncing the cruel treatment accorded abandoned animals in the Sochi area.] 

The handling of strays in Sochi leaves much to be desired.  In fact, it’s a disgrace. It’s a stain on an event that is designed to elevate and unite humanity and cast the host nation in an admiring light.

We do not think this is a case of extraordinary Russian villainy, since, besides the fact things of this nature happened in China (Peking Games) and elsewhere in preparation for these types of monster events, the Olympic Committee is also responsible for the planning and should have seen to it that appropriate and humane measures were taken from the first day to avoid the painful spectacle of helpless animals being rounded up and killed in horrible ways. Yet, ultimately, we know speciesism is the cause, the assumption that human supremacy carries no moral obligations toward “lesser beings” and that (for those who still believe in the self-serving claptrap of dominionistic religions) this horrid state of affairs was indeed sanctioned by God.

Incidentally, the IOC is an international body with many heavy hitters. “The members of this unelected, multi-billion dollar, transnational organization include royalty, corporate executives, politicians, and retired military personal. If these savory characters aren’t enough for you, they even have the war criminal Henry Kissinger as a member of honor. The organization’s members had until recently served life terms, and no women were included in the organization until 1981.”  (See our companion piece on this topic, A Critical History of the Olympics).

Below, Olbermann’s coverage of the Sochi stray dogs tragedy. Thanks, Keith. 

Killing of Stray Dogs in Sochi
By Keith Olbermann / ESPN

The Sochi Stray Dog Nightmare Continues

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