RT-TV – Palast on the Kochs and Vulture Capitalists.

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Greg Palast is interviewed on RT (2/12/2014) with a discussion of the billionaires buying out our democracy – particularly the Koch brothers. He also talks about vulture capitalists and links it back to the Kochs (as a case in point.) See full clip at YouTube, or full program for 2/14/2014 at RT.TV.


One comment on “RT-TV – Palast on the Kochs and Vulture Capitalists.
  1. This video of Greg Palast on RT has been censored, the audrio is muted and cannot be heard.
    The video trailer of Greg Palast’s DVD movie has been censored, it does not even play, the video is jumbled, and not audio either.
    RT, please protest to the FCC that someone is jamming.
    Of course, Corporate Invisible Army rules over all.

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