Bunglers in Command in Kiev

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By Gaither Stewart, Cyrano’s Senior Editor.

TradeUnionBldgBurningUkraineFeb202014[Trade union building facing Maidan square is burning into flames. Clashes in Ukraine, Kyiv. Events of February 20, 2014. Wikimedia. jpg]

(Rome) I have “friended” dozens of Russians on Facebook some of whom I read
daily. Among those Friends are many Russian-Ukrainians, one of whom I read every day. He is a resident of Kiev. I was struck by the thread of today in which some two dozen persons respond to my friend’s short article and apparently agree that the militias in southeast Ukraine, especially in the areas of Sloviansk, Lugansk and Donetz where Russian-Ukrainians and increasingly also Ukrainians are forming militias and resisting the Ukrainian army. Some Ukrainian soldiers defect and join the forces of the militias fighting against the well-armed troops of the puppet regime in Kiev that was established by a bungling USA, at an estimated cost of $five billion.

These FB writers believe the militias will eventually become an enormous uprising and defeat the puppet regime’s army and re-conquer the capital of Kiev.
My “friend” in Kiev writes:

“Now I watch all this Ukrainian zoo with its bloodthirsty calls for mass murders and merciless terror, and I think: What will all these clowns do when the detachments of the militias from southeastern Ukraine enter Kiev?

“Our passionate Ukrainian patriots have such tiny brains that they have never even considered such a scenario. But the probability of a military defeat of the post-Maidan regime is great.

“And then what will these ass-kissing journalists, experts and other similar service groups that today prostitute themselves to the Ukrainian authorities do?

“What do they expect? What can they count on? That they will be able to hide and then forget about them? (He means the victorious militias.) Or that the militiamen are all great humanists?

“Well, well!”

Comments like the following continue the thread:

“They will quickly beat it for safer places where they will be quickly granted refugee status.” (One likely means here Germany.)

“These people will not be able to live in this country.” “Perhaps three regions of Ukraine will remain for them.” (I assume the writer means those regions where the Nazis-Fascists of the hired goon squads of groups that go by the name of Right Sector and Svoboda (Freedom!) reside.

“I think they will continue doing the same things as before. They will get ready for new Maidans. They will search for new backers and adapt to the new situation. Remember that the Nuremberg trials convicted only 29 of the accused and other courts a hundred or so. But the masses managed to escape across the ocean.”

The correspondents are fully aware of who stands behind the putsch, the phoney election of the “King of Chocolate” oligarch, Poroshenko as President of the puppet regime, and the weakness of the army at the new President’s disposal. All seem convinced of a national uprising against his fake government in the near future. Kiev is considered too precious to remain long in the hands of such bloodthirsty bunglers.

From these Facebook writers it becomes clear that Ukraine is not to be compared with Libya or Egypt. Regime change is an unlikely effective strategy in Ukraine.

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