American PR War Against Russia and China Accelerating in Asia

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A VOICE OF RUSSIA (VOR)  Interview with André Vltchek,
TGP Special Correspondent
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Hong Kong. Photo credit: © Commons
By David Kerans
WASHINGTON (VR)As heavily anti-Russian as U.S. mass media have been so far this year, observers in Asia are noticing even more lopsided treatment of Russia, and also of China, bordering on demonization of those countries. For discussion and explanation of the PR war against Russia and China across the eastern Pacific and Southeast Asian regions, Radio VR’s David Kerans spoke at length with intellectual, novelist, and propaganda filmmaker Andre Vltchek, currently in Indonesia. Vltchek has just published an article on the theme.



Vltchek detailed how virulently anti-Russian and anti-Chinese the Asian media have become, and traced the attitude to a combination of the Asian elites’ close ties to the U.S. and to pressure from the U.S. to pursue a PR offensive against Russia and China. The context of the PR war is at least partly military in nature, says Vltchek. Thus, the Phillipines just signed an EDCA (Economic Defense Cooperation Agreement) with the U.S. that gives America open access to all of its military bases, in violation of the Phillipines’ Constitution.

Further, Vltchek described the success with which the U.S. has managed to whitewash the brutality of its colonial and imperial past in the Philippines and Vietnam, to the point that both of those countries are much more anti-Chinese than anti-American.

Vltchek sees elites in the region (Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Phillipines, etc.) as irrevocably committed to alliance with the U.S., and he fears that their subservience to U.S. interests increases the threat of U.S. military adventurism against China. He is, however, thankful that Russia and China are cooperating more fruitfully now than ever before, and hopes that multilateral initiatives like the Eurasian Economic Union will eventually help to pull the region out of the U.S. orbit.

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